Primary School Mates of embattled EFCC boss, Mr Ibrahim Magu believe there are forces behind the Justice Ayo Salami led presidential panel of investigation to malign Magu.

Members of the group, simply identifies as Yerwa Practice Primary School Alumni Association Maiduguri have thrown their weight behind Magu, whom they said is their member, insisting he is a honest person.

The group led by its chairman, Alhassan Ibn-Sultan, maintains that Magu’s travails is a case of corruption fighting back

“We are not doubting the character of Justice Isa Ayo Salami, but we feel some people are trying to use that situation for political equations which means there are forces behind Salami’s panel, maybe they are trying to see to the downfall of Magu.” The Chairman stated.

According to Ibn-Sultan, Magu was not given a level play ground to defend himself as reveals by his counsel; “Magu should have been given fair hearing.” 

“Ibrahim Magu is one of our ambassadors who over a period has given us a cause to be proud; members of this association are in a better position to extol the virtues and noble character of Magu whom we have been interacting with for decades. Certainly there is no credible testimony more than one coming from a childhood friend particularly school or classmates.” The Chairman stated.

Magu’s classmates urges the president to look at the case and the report of the panel through “the glasses of equity, so as to protect vital government institutions fighting corruption from being whittled down and destroyed.”