Since the emergence of Sen. Aishatu Dahiru Binani as the flagbearer of APC in Adamawa, tongues have been wagging about her capacity to defeat the incubent government of PDP, of Gov Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

It’s no longer news that the emergence of Binani was a kind of a pleasant surprise to public analysts and commentators on social, political and public affairs. Binani, is a force of nature, an enigma revealing the truth of the real complexion of our demography, the statistics suggest, is largely women.

Given that reality, what are the chances of Binani againt Gov. Fintiri? What possible tricks could she pull off this time around?

– The First female governorship candidacy in itself is a plot line that has a life of its own. Women groups, local women, international bodies promoting women’s cause, among several other groups could rise to her aid and trump up her cause and that could constitute a problem for the PDP-led government in Adamawa state.

She is a force to reckon with and PDP would underestimate her to their peril. Her cause is not only a political cause, it is an issue of global rights concern, so what do you think will happen with respect to international community in championing her cause? Look at what happened with just the announcement of her primary victory, both local and international media were all on her case, pushing her story to the front pages and top headlines of global networks unsolicited! The attention that Binani’s victory commanded would cost a male candidate millions of naira to attract such free unsolicited adverts, so she has so many invisible hands working for her cause.

– Her choice of running mate could could be a game changer.
Feelers has it that she’s most likely atuned to pick a running mate from the southern side of Adamawa. Bookmakers are of the opinion that Aishatu Binani, could add to the global surprise by picking a young, dynamic, inspiring and marketable candidate, Martins Yanatham Dickson, easily comes to mind.

Just like, Binani, being a woman, is a rare statistics in Nigerian politics, the choice of Martins, is another explosive combination that could rattle the incubent.

If Binani takes on Martins Dickson as a running mate, it would be a deadly combination of two populous demography, that could present a lethal winning edge and again, her opponents won’t see it coming.

Martins is very humble, commands followership and appeals to youths across the state, he is detrabilized, exhibits high moral standards, demonstrated enviable leadership qualities, he is loyal to the core and holds alot of experience up his sleeves having worked closely with a sitting Governor and understands the inner workings of the office of a Governor.

Women and youths, are the most underrated statistics on the Nigerian political turf, despite being members of the largest chunk of the population of the country. More than 50% of Nigerian population are made up of youths with statistics estimating that about 43.6% of Nigerian population are young people aged between 0-14, and about 16% of the population aged between 15-35 years old.

About 49.32% of the Nigerian population is said to be females. These are the two most deadly combinations that any candidate with strategy, tact and commitment require to change the narrative of political landscape here in Adamawa and Nigeria at large.

It is obvious by now that Binani is not that kind of person that’s afraid to try a new thing, but is not just a new thing, it actually makes common sense and intelligent calculations.

The Binani/Martins ticket is the total reasoning of the 21st century Nigerian voting population, after all you cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Women and youths are the two most populous demographies in Nigeria yet they are the most sidelined and ignored population especially in Nigerian political space due to male-dominated, the aged-driven political turf obscenely monitised beyond the reach of young Nigerians and women.

Why Binani/Martins combination is unbeatable?

– It would easily appeal to the southern senatorial zone voting population. It is known fact that the southern Adamawa population are the early adopters of change, innovation and trendy things. This is informed by the upbeat lifestyle and the cravings for new things and hunger for a meaningful, dramatic and forward thinking change. A young and energetic running mate (Martins) and a forward thinking female candidate (Binani) would sale like wild fire in a dry bush.

-,The southern senatorial zone is probably the zone that is susceptible to change than any zone in the state. Given decades of poor leadership and horrible representation from the local government level up to the senatorial level, the southern zone has been bereft of government presence and economic opportunities.

The southern zone electorates want leaders who promise and delivers, that would appeal to their traditional sense of voting. The southern could be the most friendly electorates for Binani/Martins combination because electorates voting behaviour shows no loyalty to party or underperforming politicians.

That is why Martins stands in a pole position to be the magic wand that could turn around the voting behaviour of his brothers in the southern zone. By all standards, Martins Yanatham Dickson, possesses that quality of loyalty to his people and by implication, the people of Adamawa state.

– Head-to-Head Martins matches and outclasses the running mate of the incubent PDP led government in Adamawa. Is there an argument or the need to explain any further? Check the record of people relationship, connecting with people, ability to provide leadership for the zone, capacity to drive home the vision of the APC to the zone. Martins could easily convince the Chamba man from Ganye, the lunguda man from Guyuk, Bachama man from Numan, Demsa, Jada, Shelleng, among others could easily hop on the ideals of APC when Martins engages them that anyone in the Southern zone would the running mate of Gov. Fintiri.

This is a very important factor because a weak and self-centered person would be the major undoing of the APC in the 2023 General Elections.

Binani connects to people, her running mate must be able to connect to people across the state without ethnic or religious discrimination.

Right now, the Adamawa political atmosphere is particularly slippery owing to it’s past of cataclysmic conflict that has made it loss the 2019 general elections and that chasm must be closed with the presentation of the beat foot forward and the best possible Candidates option for the people of Adamawa.

Nigerians are tired of the old guards of politicians and it is apparant that they have overstayed their welcome. That Martins is young, matters alot. Since the passing of Not Too Young to Run bill into law, there has been little or no movement in that direction by the political institutions in place where young people are deliberately kicked out of the political system. This would be a very huge opportunity for Sen Binani to show that she is a true progressive because that is what progressives do.

– The Southern Zone Magic:
One of the major undoing of the APC in the last round of elections in 2019 is lack of enough fire power from the southern zone where the political leader which was the then deputy governor, Engr. Martins Babale, lack the capacity and political know-how to mobilise the zone.

If the strategy is about winning, then their is a need for a change in strategy. Martins Dickson brings youthfulness, cool headedness, and energetic commitment and he is a natural born leader that with the right support, would mobilise the entire southern zone for the APC.

The psychologically, socially and culturally, southern zone is more atuned to vote for Sen. Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani than Central and northern zone but what is needed now is leadership, visionary, purpose driven leadership. That’s what Martins Dickson can provide.

– There is a strong argument against the northern zone candidacy because the Binani2023 project has a lot of strong narrative to float in order to make its case for reelection.
The northern and central zones have already been strongly represented within the APC power structure from the SGF, the first lady, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Executive Secretary of the Rural Electrification agency, Leadership of NIRSAL, Board appointments Etc.

The question many would ask is where is the southern zone situated with the APC power structure? Politics is about interest, the southern zone would not be easy and willing participants if they don’t know how the party intends to treat them within the power hierarchy in the system, would they? Democracy is no slavery, so people dont just follow what they know, own or have a sense of belonging in.