By Maiwa’azi Fwangmun Hosea

It will interest you to know that one of the curse we inherited from the fall is tribalism. When Nimrod mobilized the people of the earth to rebel against the Most High God by using their strengths and natural abilities to build a tower that will reach heaven, God in his authority and sovereignty send a confusion in their midst by giving them diverse languages, unfortunately, that confusion is still with us till today.

Today, we found ourselves in a situation, where people engage in what I call “tribal elitism”, trying to portray their tribe as much more better than others, they go to the extent of labeling and profiling any tribe that doesn’t looks like them. What an error!

In Plateau State, this plague has eaten deep into the fabric of our dear State most especially as we found ourselves in another electioneering year. Sadly, the ugly monster of tribal sentiment has rare its ugly head again as we begin to see myriads of hate speeches, bitterness and sentiment along tribal lines.

I have always argued that in every tribe, there are both good and evil people. Hence no tribe is more saintly than the other. We must begin to emphasize our humanity than our tribal and ethnic differences. For example, I’m a Mwaghavul man from Kiffong in Pushit District of Mangu LGA, but let me disappoint you that I’m not proud to be Mwaghavul a man, rather, my glory and boasting is in the Lord and not in my ethnic identity.

My fellow Plateau people, how I wish we all understand that tribal politics breeds hatred, bitterness and enmity. I’m always for love, peace and unity. Let’s all stop stereotyping and profiling any tribe be it Ngas, Mwaghavul, Mupun, Berom, Taroh, Gamai, Irigwe, Ron, etc. This will do us no good. I have met refined and great people across all tribes, infact most of my friends are not of my tribal extraction, so if we begin to stereotype people according to Tribes, then how do you want me to reconcile that with my great friends who cut across all tribes like Rev. Davidson Rotshak Lar JP, Nde Ishaku Golkus, Bedanke Pius Yelwat, Jinang Ezra, Panan Jonah, Yiltu Rotshak, Barr, Dalong Dankat, Gurumwal George Longjan, Peace Longdet, Muni Grace Gwamna, Rondong Wash Pam, Friday Bako, Friday Kyauta, Kevin Donglong, Chris Niettiem Nicholas, Amos Dwanle, Marvin Amos, Patience Shishang Chaimang, Mildred Bako Dankyes Fwangs Sarpaal Jinang Fwangmun, Chun B Chun, Machief Ayuba Mallo, Regina Maigari, Luka Toholde, Nanbol James Miner, Mildred Samuel Abbah, Saminu Maigoro, Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe, Samuel Abbah, Phoebe Mahannan Nehemiah, Agwom Ajiji Agwom, Amb Tanko Anop-Azi, etc. Kindly forgive me if your name isn’t mentioned as the list are too numerous to be exhausted.

I want to end by saying as you go about campaigning for your preferred candidates, always put God and humanity first and watch against the shipwreck of your faith in Christ Jesus.

Blessings and best wishes to you all in this new month of June.

Maiwa’azi Hosea Fwangmun is my name.