…Tours Lamurde, Shelleng, and Guyuk

The Senatorial ambition of Adamawa former Attorney General, Barrister Bala Silas Sanga is waxing strong and gathering much momentum by the day.

Silas has today toured Lamurde, Guyuk, and Shelleng interacting with the All Progressives Congress’, APC, delegates of Southern Senatorial District.

Bala has toured the entire Southern District of Adamawa State comprises of nine local government areas and said is getting all assurance and support, the confidence to win the party primaries scheduled to hold next week Friday is in him.

He however denied the rumor to have stepped down his ambition for a far-fetched reason that cannot be substantiated.

According to him, he has entered an agreement with Adamawa electorates to salvage the dying system, he cannot at this point step down for whatever reason.

He said he has decided to go for the contest because he is the candidate to beat and he didn’t step down and he will never step down for any other person.

“I have not stepped down and will not step down. I am the candidate to beat and I have no reason to step down.

“I carry the hope and aspirations of several people and I won’t betray that my stepping down for anyone or any reason,” Sanga said

The hopeful senator also said he is currently on the field meeting delegates, having a more wider consultations with critical stakeholders in the coming primaries.

He called on the general public, especially his supporters to disregard the purported rumours as he is focused to be the bearer of the party’s senatorial flag