Tom Garba, one of the illustrious Sons of Lere Local Government Area of Saminaka, Kaduna State mourned the death of Rtd Brig. Gen. Abubakar Garba Muhammed, the Emir of Lere.

Garba, the publisher of TG News, an online news platform in a statement made available to newsmen described Muhammad as a Father, a mentor, and a rallying point of unity to the people of Kaduna State, a bridge-builder and a huge link for the peaceful coexistence of the entire people of Lere LGA whose sudden demised is a great loss to Nigeria as a country.

While commiserating with his immediate family and the people of Lere, Garba described late Gen. Abubakar as a hero who served the nation with in different capacities which also led to call to serve his people as the Emir of Lere, an office he revered and served well before his death.

In his condolence statement, Tom Garba said “a gap has been created, a link to many channels of goodness has been cut off from our people, a shoe of a Great Man is empty, who can wear it?”

He said the Elder statesman lived well, gave the best for humanity, and Allah’s blessings shall be his portion in the life hereafter.

“Sir, I met you in few gatherings and I discovered instances abound in you to be one of the nicest Man that I vowed to emulate.

” You spoke love to humanity is love for God, you preached peace at all times because is God’s gift to Mankind, a pivotal means that humanity can enjoy life to the fullest.

“You were a Man of double honors, an enigma of success yet humble because it’s in you the love of Mankind.

” I can’t stop shedding tears as I discovered that the man who through all his life he lived loving the people of Lere by rallying around, supporting and golden advice to anyone around him is no more.

“Sir, yours is a great life and reward by Allah in Paradise. My prayers are that we live on the legacies you have carved out for us, we follow in the good steps you have imprinted in our mother Land, in the sands of times you will still be remembered for good because posterity will judge well.

” Have a better rest now because you have worked well, Aljannatur Firdausi, and bountiful rewards are all my prayers for you.” Tom prayed