The Gangwari Ganye Alhaji Umaru Adamu Sanda says President Munammadu Buhari has done for the Chamba people and Ganye chiefdom what no other President has done since independence by appointing one of their illustrious son’s as an Ambassador.

The royal father made the statement when Ambassador Kefas Enan Alex in company of his friend Ambassador Kevin Peter paid him homage to intimate him of his recent appointment and posting to Portugal as Ambassador.

Ambassador Kefas Enan Alex is the first Chamba man to appointed as an Ambassador.

Earlier in his remark Ambassador Kefas said they’re at the Gangwari’s palace to pay homage and seek for royal blessings, he promised to represent Nigeria and the Chamber people excellently, to also do his job to the best of his ability in the interest of Nigeria’s image and progress in his place of assignment.

He called on the royal father to pray for him and his colleague continually as they carry out these daunting task and responsibility.

On his part Ambassador Kevin Peter said he accompanied his friend and colleague to pay homage to the royal father to exhibit unity and to also ask him for fatherly blessings and prayer.

Ambassador Kevin reiterated their commitment to do the Nation proud in their various countries of assignment, he also asked the royal father to extend their sincere appreciation to President Munammadu Buhari whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Untill his recent appointment, Ambassador Kefas was charge Affaires entitive at the Nigerian Embassy at Libya with concurrent accreditation to Malta and permanent representative to the community of Sahel sah’aran States CBN-SAD.

He holds a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Warsaw.