The lawmaker representing Ganye, Jada, Toungo, and Mayo-Belwa federal constituency, Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas has called on citizens to continuously pray for the peace and unity of Nigeria.

Namdas who is the chairman of the House of Representatives committee on the army says there is hope that the numerous insecurity bedeviling the nation will soon be a thing of the past.

The lawmaker made this known in Ganye, his ancestral home after performing the Eid prayers alongside other Muslim Ummahs.

Namdas said he believes that the thirty days of fasting and prayers focused more on the security challenges bedeviling the nation.

“One of the things we prayed for during the Ramadan fast is for peace to return to Nigeria. This kind of insecurity that we are facing is not only in one region of the country but I believe the government is handling it well now and I’m confident that it will come to an end. There is hope for Nigeria.

“We are grateful to God that we have celebrated the Sallah in a peaceful atmosphere despite the numerous security challenges in all parts of the country. We also thank our leaders for being proactive to see that the issue is nib in the bud.”

He comments on the government for imposing restrictions on movements and gatherings because of the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus pandemic while urging citizens to be observant of the guidelines issued by health workers in containing the spread of the virus.

“Today we couldn’t celebrate the Sallah the way we expected because of the COVID-19 restrictions occasioned to the new rise in COVID-19 cases across the world. The government is being proactive by imposing these restrictions and they are helpful.”

Speaking on the need for the involvement of the traditional institution in the fight against banditry in the country, Namdas said “the traditional institution has come to the National Assembly to discuss ways of involving them in curtailing these security challenges. We in the 9th assembly believe that they have a role to play constitutionally so that they can help in containing these challenges.”

He called on the government to play its part in ensuring that the necessary equipment is provided to the security operatives in the frontline while also calling for synergy among the security formations in the country.

“We still require the government to provide all the security formations will the necessary equipment because no matter how powerful a country is it cannot make headway without intelligence and the requirement of modern equipment. We must deploy our technology in the area of intelligence gathering so that the security will be able to see the enemies and handle them appropriately. Even the bandits and insurgents are using technology now so we have to up our game.”