In recognition of his various contributions to the promotion and sustenance of peace in diverse ways, Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza CAN Chairman Adamawa State has been named Peace Ambassador in celebration of this year’s International Peace event

A Christian group known as Sower’s Ministry International named him today at the CAN Secretariat, says the Bishop because of his numerous contributions and consistent support for promotion of peace and unity in several ways.

The group, Sower’s ministry international led by the president Reverend Ozumba Nicodemus said Bishop Mamza was among those named Peace Ambassadors this year, describes it as an honour well deserved, considering that he assumed office at a time, when fragile peace, community conflicts and political crises cum differences were at its peak in the state. Not daunted by these, Mamza has since then remained a champion, symbol and epitome of peace in the state, because he has pursued peace with sincerity, diligence, integrity and fear of God.

According to Reverend Nicodemus, CAN chairman has rebuilt broken bridges, reconciled the irreconcilables and mended cracked walls. He has sacrificed a lot for peace to reign in the Christendom and the state in general.

Added that, He has become a pencil in the hands of God to keep the state on the right track and peaceful, Mamza has strongly demonstrated his penchant for genuine peace in every situation, without minding whose ox is gored.

The leader of the Sower’s ministry international disclosed that with numerous peace initiatives and overtures, longtime political rivals and warring communities have embraced, dialogued and resolved thier differences in the interest of peace and unity in the state..

Responding, the Adamawa State CAN Chairman Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza thanked the group and promised to continue to pursue peace because without peace there will be no development in the Christendom and the state at large

Bishop Mamza however diaclosed that, as beautiful as this year’s theme is, the questions are people really shaping peace together by their actions and inactions, do people know and understand the essence or importance of peace, do they know that enduring peace is inevitable in every society, do they live, co-habit and work in peace, and are they weapon of war or peace?

Mamza, however charged all Christians and Muslims in the state to continue to preach peace, as that alone can foster unity in the State. Added that, CAN Adamawa state Chapter under his leadership will Continue to do everything possible to work for the peaceful coexistence of all and sundry