By Edward Wabundani
The qualities that persuade people to willingly and voluntarily follow a leader are numerous. Such qualities rule out tyrants, bullies, and others who use coercive power to impose their wills on others arbitrarily.

Talking about such qualities in political leadership, where someone presents himself to represent the collective interest of many, Distinguished Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe, representing the good and supportive constituents of Adamawa South Senatorial District in the Red Chamber of the National Assembly, readily comes to mind.

During the electioneering period which saw him through the length and breadth of his Senatorial District, prior to his emergence as a Lawmaker in the 2019 elections, Senator Yaroe had in a manner of speaking, tried to reconcile the multiplicity of interests that abound in the zone.

In a bid to positively change things for the collective good of all, Senator Yaroe pledged to produce from those issues, a policy based road map if eventually elected by the electorate. And as promised, he had in the last one year left no one in doubt as to how he religiously sticked to those policy thrust of his campaign promises.

In terms of Lawmaking, even the traducers of the Lawmaker can attest to the fact, that Senator Yaroe has both, sponsored bills and supported motions on the floor of the Upper Chamber of the NASS, which has direct impact
on the people from his zone in particular, and
the nation as a whole. He had within the period under review equally provided leadership, demonstrated empathy where necessary, as could be viewed from the numerous health, provision of potable water, empowerment/skills acquisition as well as other interventions so far undertaken by the Lawmaker, to mention a few.

The performance of Senator Yaroe’s stewardship in the first Legislative year of the 9th Senate, can be likened to how people are often confounded with Shakespeare’s assertion, that ” some people are born great, others achieve greatness, while others have greatness thrust on them”.

When Senator Yaroe came to this world, only His Creator knew exactly what role he was to play in this Shakespearean drama, or what he would become in our complex Society. Barely one year of representing his people, the picture has begun to emerge of a great personality the nation hid away from his home base to develop wider areas away from his immediate roots.

Adamawa Southern Senatorial District, has a great potential in the Lawmaker which has tremendous intellectual endowments, unrivaled vision and creative powers. His unwavering commitment to his Senatorial District in particular, and indeed to Adamawa, national development and philanthropic, and humanitarian activities, has earned him accolades in the past.

From his humble rural beginning to his stints in the private sector, Binos Dauda Yaroe had never exhibited any haughtiness or carried any airs about himself. He had all this while maintained his level headedness, was never bothered about his glaring star status and became a mixer and a goal getter

Those were some of the qualities that made his days, elevated and rewarded him throughout his sojourn in life, before joining politics with the sole purpose to compliment the role of his colleagues who had served Adamawa Senatorial District in the past, with a view to add more value to it, and take the entire Senatorial District to higher heights within the period he will serve his people in that capacity.

His constituents have remain glued in perpetual excitement and hope, that Distinguished Senator Yaroe will in the cause of time, soon creep into the English lexicon meaning everything decent and noble, kind and gentle, but hopeful.

Edward Wabundani,
Media Consultant to
Sen Binos Yaroe