There are leaders and there are “so called” leaders. There are those who can best be described as bumpkins who stumble into leadership positions and simply waste whole precious time scratching their heads wondering what to do.

There are those to whom leadership is a channel to acquire material things for themself at the expense of the generality of their people, there are those to whom leadership position is an opportunity to render selfless service to the people, a selfless altruistic service.

Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza, the Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese is one of such few altruistic leaders, who sees leadership position as a platform upon which people’s expectations, yearnings and aspirations should be met.

He sees leadership as a mandate from the Lord to work in His vineyard to ensure welfare and well being of all creatures.

Bishop Dami Mamza took the mantle of leadership few years ago as the Chairman, Christain Association Of Nigerian (CAN) Adamawa State and promised to put in place a befitting place where all Christians will come together for common Worship.

It all started when he took a bold step and laid the foundation of the CAN Secretariat and assured Christians in the State that the Secretariat will be completed before the end of his first tenure.

It is of note, that before the coming of Bishop Mamza as the CAN chairman Adamawa State, there was no befitting CAN Secretariat which resulted to serious challenge when it comes to hosting Christians activities in the State Capital.

Now, Christians have a cause to smile, for God have given them a leader that sticked to his words by committing himself to building such a wonderful CAN Secretariat that stands tall as one of the gigantic edifice in the State Capital.

It is indeed a thing of joy, that Adamawa Christians have a building of their own, which they are proud of.

His vision and foresight for developing CAN Secretariat is rare and unmatched and can only be compared with the lofty dreams of the leaders in far away Nigeria.

Taking a look at the Adamawa CAN Secretariat, it only points to one truth, that Bishop Dami Mamza is one man that has a comprehensive idea of turning things around for the good of the Christendom.

As it is today, the befitting Adamawa State CAN Secretariat is well furnished, with the offices and other accessories, befitting an international Secretariat.

The Secretariat is the best so far in the North East of Nigeria, this is indeed a leader worthy of emulation.

Bishop Mamza, a leader with a difference, years ago found himself in the thick of the Boko Haram insurgency. IDP camps were all over the State, misery and starvation were only a whisker away.

His Lordship’s humanitarian gesture and charity manifested glaringly as his Cathedral became not only a camp but also a mecca of a sort, where helpless displaced persons go to find relief from hunger.

With the commitment of Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza towards ensuring that the displaced persons are returned home when it is safe to do so and providing them with all that they require, hope is been rekindled that a better tomorrow awaits them.

Bishop Mamza has shown by practical example what true Christian leadership entails. He has muzzled the avarice and malfeasances which members of the body used to exhibit especially when it comes to handling financial resources.

He always make sure that when it comes to finances, sanity and accountability should be displayed, so that Christian leaders must lead by example for people to learn from them.

This is aside declaring his determination to speak out against injustice, marginalization and segregation in the social system and governance.

Bishop Mamza has made good his expressed visions for the down-pressed and marginalised. On several occasions he spoke out to powers that be, demanding them to do the needful for the sake of equity and fear of God.

His voice has become the outspoken moral voice of conscience in the polity. In obedience to His Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ’s injunction to “feed (my) sheep”, Bishop Mamza has not only fed the Lord’s sheep spiritually but he has also fed them physically.

He is a leader with depth of knowledge on how various human talents could be harnessed and put to use so as to achieve the desired goal as well. A consummate leader who believes in calling a spade a Spade.

Infact, another thing Worthy of mention about the easy going and humble leader is that, he has a lot of respect and admiration amongst the youths, women and men in the Christendom and it is connected to the very way he has being straight forward in all ramifications. He still does carries himself with an aura of hope, peace, humility and hands reaching out to all.

The CAN Chairman leadership style has become a reference point at both the macro and micro levels of societal social strata.

Bishop Dami Mamza, a hot and persuasive debater remains a quintessential ambassador of Christianity and an epitome of true leadership. Infact, his name would be inscribed in golden letters for posterity and history since he has justified and proved his mettle.

*Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you BISHOP STEPHEN DAMI MAMZA, THE TORCH LIGHT OF ADAMAWA CAN who is always ready to serve the Christains of the State for a BETTER TOMORROW.*

**Written by GIWA HEBRON*