By Tom Garba

The unfortunate rejoinder of Barr Sunday Wugira,the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the executive Governor of Adamawa State,Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to TGNEWS and its publisher,Tom Garba has placed and weighed down to a mere goofer. This made him a little above cybal trumpeter of the Governor as a supposed Learned fellow (Esq) who should know better how the media works.

Sunday on his attempt to reply a story published on TGNEWS thus:”IN DISREGARD TO COURT ORDER, ADAMAWA GOVERNMENT REFUSES TO REINSTATE SACKED CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION MEMBERS.” has blundered around truth,attacking the personality of the publisher than responding to the real Crux of the matter of why the said sacked commission members should or should not be reinstated.

Sunday Wugira the suppose public affairs aide was being emotional lacking the dexterity of addressing the issues squarely. TGNEWS only published a news report not an opinion article. To an aide that knows job and ready to defend his Boss was a simple response but went on vituperation that it was not a disregard of Court Order but the silence was owing to the right of appeal.

If I should ask my Brother,Barr Sunday Wugira either the report carried by TGNEWS it was gotten from a recorded source and remains a sacral part of the organization can still prove that the Attorney General of Adamawa State was not interview?

It was the same response TGNEWS sought from the Attorney General of Adamawa state in a telephone conversation, which Wugira has however reported his colleague to have denied granting; where he argued that the aggrieved should go to anywhere they liked.

There was no malignity or malign intended. TGnews or Tom Garba isn’t in inyway being mischievous and it isn’t in any slightest way unprofessional as Wugira would concieve, perceiving unfortunately that it was a paid advertorial.

Is it a paid advertorial reporting government activities in TGnews? May be my aide friend is over zealous with the work of a public affairs forgetting that the story of the Government published TGNEWS are not advertorial. Or Has Wugira paid for his rejoinder to be published TGNEWS?

TGnews isn’t beggerly, but aimed at holding government accountable while serving as a medium for the aggrieved to have their grievances passed across.

Wugira you are a special adviser to the governor. Do not misadvised. I see you having the tendencies of messing up this Government with your musculated comments, doing harm than good to the Governor who is expecting a good thothrouhg job from you.

Mr Public affairs commentator of the Governor,I think Your’s is to build not to destroy relationship. Governor Fintiri once said he’s tolerant to constructive criticism and would love investigative journalism. The bottom line is that do not misinform both your master and the public as the messenger has never been in any legitimate frame of mind, criminal of the message.

May I emphatically stress that, your perceived view of TGNEWS medium is dancing the tune of the Piper has totally reduced you to a confused aide of the Government you are eating fat on and a known enemy of TGNEWS. The story published on the 6th May,2020 it was not only on TGNEWS, to mention only few, media organizations like;

Sacked Adamawa commissioners demand reinstatement

Sacked Adamawa commissioners demand reinstatement

Sacked Adamawa commissioners demand reinstatement

Sacked Adamawa commissioners demand reinstatement

Sacked Adamawa Commissioners Demand Reinstatement

ADAMAWA GOVERNMENT REFUSES TO REINSTATE SACKED CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION MEMBERS Why should it be only TGNEWS you will lay claim of your skewed rejoinder? Your enemity disposition to TGNEWS will only fuel us with the gears of investigative journalism in holding any public office holder accountable.

TGNEWS consider your views less of value that has needless attention if not the office of SSA you occupied working to butter your bread,the morsel you live,eat and defending to survive.

It is quite laughable for an aide of a sitting Governor who is a Lawyer by Profession ought to know that the case in question is a trite position of the law that a successful litigant ought not be denied the fruits of his judgment.

Wugira should know better as an institution created by the constitution, all authorities including the Governor and the State Government ought to have respected and obeyed the judgment of the court while exercising their right of appeal to the court of appeal. And there is any compelling reason not to obey the judgment while on appeal, they ought to have sought leave of the court staying the execution of the judgment pending their appeal. It is therefore wrong as suggested by a supposed lawyer in his write up that complying with the judgment while on appeal entails conceding to the judgment is not the correct position as there is no order sought staying the execution of the judgment.

Let me recall back your memory Mr Sunday Wugira, don’t forget that the court declared their appointments as validly made by the then Governor; that the suspension and dissolution was unlawful and therefore null and void; an injunction restraining the Governor from interfering with the functioning of their office. The Court also gave an order directing the payment of all their entitlement. Then why are you so naive on this?

Yes as you are trying to paint it white,it is true that the Governor upon assumption into office on the 6/6/2019 made a maiden broadcast and therein, suspended the claimants at one breathe and at another, dissolved them.
Claimants approached the Court the following day 7/6/2019 and judgment was entered in their favour.

The Governor has appealed the judgment to the court of Appeal Yola. As at date, they’re out of time to file and served their brief of argument on me to enable me respond appropriately.
It is a trite position of the law that judgment of court takes effect upon delivery and that an appeal does not operate as a stay of such a judgment. The losing party who intends to suspend the immediate effect of a valid judgment of court will apart from the appeal, seek specific order of either the court that gave the judgment or the Court of appeal staying the execution or enforcement or coming into effect of the judgment. This is because appeal itself does not operate as a stay of judgment.

SSA Sir it might still interest you to know that the Governor has not sought an order staying the enforcement of the judgment delivered against them and as such, ought to have complied with the judgment pending the outcome of the decision of the court of appeal.

Barr Sunday, your goofing rejoinder would push one to ask that wether if it means the judgment in the matter on appeal goes against them, they would still not comply with the judgment until a final appeal to the Supreme Court is determined in maybe 5-10 years?

Haba Dan’uwa we are practicing constitutional democracy and it behoves on all entities, the Governor inclusive to play the game in accordance with the rule of law.

Please I advice you stay put,be a good ambassador to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri don’t reduced yourself to only attack Dog of the Governor. All I know your Principal encourage us to engage him to constructive criticism that will make him work for the people of Adamawa State. Don’t frustrate his efforts.

Build bridges for him not Walls.


Right of Reply by TGNEWS