The Executive Chairman of Demsa Local Government Area, Chief Elkanah Kadosfwa, is calling on both the state and federal governments to come to the aid of the council area to rebuilt some of the damaged structures as well as replace some of the medical and office equipments looted and destroyed in the wake of the looting spree by some hoodlums that visited the local government recently.

Hoodlums who are believed to be from Ngurore and some parts of Demsa ransacked the Local Education Authority offices, Primary Health Care facilities, the local government secretariat and other offices carting away office equipments, furniture, doors and windows.

” It was an invasion on the whole Demsa local government. It is pathetic for someone to think that the things they stole belongs to them.

” I hope this kind of thing do not happen again. I’m also praying to those in concern to see reason and come to the aide of their fellow human beings. Please bring back the drugs and hospital equipments they pick. They are meant for the entire community not for an individual please,” he pleaded.

The Executive Chairman said they do not have palliatives stored in warehouses and wondered why the looters destroyed and stole equipment that are not food items.

” If what they are looking for are palliatives, are there palliatives in the offices? Are drugs, hospital equipments, doors, glasses, televisions, air conditioners and other things also palliatives?” The queried.

The Executive Chairman while commiserating with His Excellency, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri over the wanton destruction of property in some offices and warehouses in the state capital by hoodlums and looters, called on the governor to assists them recover and rebuilt some of the damaged structures in the local government.

” We are asking for intervention from the government both federal and state. We should please be considered when assistance would be rendered to those affected,” he said.

Chief Kadosfwa appreciates the police for acting swiftly and bringing the ugly trend under control.

” I must appreciate the police for responding to our call and acting promptly. They have arrested 12 people from Ngurore who are believed to be the mastermind of the looting and destruction, and they will face the full wrath of the law,” the chairman assured.

He also commend resident for returning some of the looted property while calling on others to also do same or face the consequences of their actions.