Lack of mentorship is leading to the extinction of Female Journalists in Nigeria.

This is according to Aisha Ibrahim Kwayabura, a former Zonal Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, during a chat with journalists in Maiduguri, Borno State.

Kwayabura, a veteran with over twenty five years of active practice and unionism said it is worrisome that young women these days are no longer keen on taking a career in journalism.

She said just like female gynaecologists, lecturers etc are needed, it is also important to have female journalists and she explains why.

“It is only women who can report women issues; There are certain things that the men would not have the wherewithal to report even if they want to help.”

According to her, “there are no role models, those that we were looking up to have either joined politics like Abike Dabiri-Erewa, or stopped practicing altogether.”

“We dont feel there’s an opportunity for our daughters to grow in this profession, we rather prefer for them to go into agriculture or even nursing or something else, this is the kind of profession that we have.” Aisha laments.

She said there is an urgent need to restore dignity and faith in women and girls who have the desire to go into journalism.

Aisha had worked as a Reporter, Presenter and a Producer at the Borno Radio and Television before venturing into the world of PR serving as information officer in several ministries and parastatals.