Some close contacts of Adamawa first confirmed case of COVID-19 whose samples were taken for investigation testes negative for the virus. This is contained in a situation report by the Adamawa state ministry of health jointly signed by the state’s epidemiologist, Dr. Pembi Emmanuel and World Health Organisations (WHO) surveillance officer, Dr. Jerry Pantuvo on April 26, 2020.

The report noted that only one case has so far been confirmed in the state.

It said the first confirmed case, a returnee from Kano state is stable and all his vital signs have returned to normal.

It further states that a total of 25 suspected cases have been investigated, 1 turns out positive, 7 negative while 17 are still pending pending.

The report also noted that a total of 94 contacts have been registered following a robust contact tracing initiated after the first confirmed case, adding that 84 of the contacts are under follow up.