By sofeme Kwate

Our attention has been drawn to a fictitious and spurious publication with the above caption circulating in the social media.

The write-up was deliberate and was fabricated by desperate and unscrupulous person (perhaps a beneficiary of the office) aimed at tarnishing the image and hard- earned reputation of the number two citizen of Adamawa State.
The author in the michievious piece highlighted some fake issues, originated from the pigment of his imagination just to humbug the public on the personality of Adamawa State Deputy Governor,Chief Crowther Seth and the functionality of his office.

The said writer in his attempt to get cheap publicity displayed his egotistical character of self conceited arrogance, uncultured,desperation and unethical practice which every decent person or society frowns at morally or religiously.

The author in his puckish or roguish piece libelously chooses irrational, deceive, firing, erratic, draconian in describing the alleged action and character of Chief Crowther Seth.

A decent critic discusses issues not personality as directly exhibited by the writer. Though, he fears the law, that is why he used ‘pen-name’ Mohammed Abubakar to intimidate the office of the Deputy Governor, but such kind of cowardice is even laughable.

For the record, Chapter 6, section 193(Executive Responsibilities of Deputy Governor) constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria gives the office the powers including the administration.

Yes; of course, I believed the said Mohammed should take cognisance of that.
The Deputy Governor in exercising such powers can employ or fire any irresponsible worker under his office of any misconduct.
If then,Chief Crowther Seth does, what is wrong as alleged by the ‘critic’?

The said writer alleged that,Sani Maimako, the Chief Security officer was fired unjustly. The said officer was promoted from ASP to DSP in the police force.
By implication,he has to go for higher responsibility.
The ADC is a trained officer and confidant of Deputy Governor.
He respects the authorities and superiors and should not be dragged in to false accusations.

Haba! Mohammed. 20 casual workers were also ‘fired’ as again alleged by you.
Any evidence? Or just blackmail for daily bread Sir.
Drivers were sacked too-

The must laughable one is redeployment of Directors of finance,ok?
I believed public need not to be explained on the character of Mohammed Abubakar or a close irritated person that wants to blackmail the Deputy Governor.
Chief Crowther Seth is a focused leader, reserved with good attributes of a modern politician.
He embraces everybody irrespective of tribe or religion.
Seth,joined politics since the inception of Democracy in Nigeria and he understands the rudiments of politics,human integrity and relationship since when he was the Chairman of Lamurde Local Government area.
He is totally loyal to his Boss, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and knows the tenets of Democracy.

The Deputy Governor will never smear his image in the name of securing contracts for his associates.
Any contract has a process not as perceived by ‘Mohammed’
I advised Mohammed even on envious note to always writes on facts not fiction just to blackmail a personality.

Sofeme kwate is from mgbakowo,Lamurde Local Government area of Adamawa State.