The Provost of Taraba State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Esther Danjuma has refuted media reports that Governor Darius Ishaku’s administration abandoned the state school nursing to rot.

Speaking to journalists in Jalingo, the Provost said that Governor Ishaku’s government revived the school from infrastructural and academic collapse after ten years of neglect by previous governments.

She recalled how the school was shut down for ten years for lack of will by previous administrations, stressing that no courses were accredited then which was responsible for the lack of medical personnel in the state before the birth of Ishaku’s administration.

According to her, the first thing Ishaku did to restore the lost glory of the citadel of learning was the employment of over 200 rescue nurses who turned round the negative narrative that birthed the recognition of the institution as a leading nursing school by the national body of nursing accreditation committee report.

“Since the Governor came on board, he has been trying to see that the school function.

“The Governor facilitated the movement of the school to the permanent site and the full accreditation we now have.

“Apart from furnishing the administrative room, the laboratory, and the library, the Governor has ensured we have light and water running in the school.

“Remember, for 10 years the school was shut down under Governor Danbaba, but today, the school is up and running. We had accreditation in 2017 when we were given the mandate to admit 50 students.

“When I took over in March 2021, we invited the accreditation team again in November and we were given full accreditation for five years, increased courses for us, and admission from 50 to 100.

“We may not have overcome all the challenges, but the report by some media that the Governor has abandoned the school and that staff of the college have embarked on one-week mourning of late Governor Danbaba over dilapidated infrastructure in the school is simply not true,” she said.

Danjuma said that despite minor internal wrangling in the institution blamed politicians and some groups of persons bent on causing disaffection in society for being behind the story to tarnish the good work of the governor but urging the public to disregard the media reports.

While the deputy Provost of the institution was quick to point out that the picture was displaced on social media and that the school was affected by the recent rainstorm that affected some ongoing projects built in the institution.

She said that Ishaku’s administration has written its name in gold for transforming the institution which now produces over 400 nursing graduates every year.