Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas has called on the government at the state and federal levels to ensure the safety of students at various institutions of learning across the country. Namdas made this known while commissioning schools at Nassarawo Koma, Binyeri, and Gangniso in continuation of his programs to mark the 2021 Democracy Day celebration.

The lawmaker representing Ganye, Jada, Tongo, and Mayo-Belwa has recently commissioned a twin two-bedroom doctors’ quarters at Jada General Hospital, an N83.7m level two Primary Health Care Centre at Bajama in Mayo-Belwa local government area.

He dared the bad terrain and long distances with his entourage to deliver on some of his campaign promises to the people of his constituency.

Speaking on the importance of education for the growth and development of future leaders and the country, Namdas said there will be no future without proper education.

“I’ve commissioned three schools now, one in Binyeri, Koma and Gangnissa in Mbulo ward of Jada local government, and the aim is to ensure children have classes and equipment to learn.

“The truth is that we should give education priority in this country because once you educate a child, the future will be bright and the only thing we can do to make them focused is to contribute to the success of their education and you need to have good classes and conducive learning environment that can make the children concentrate,” Namdas said.

The lawmaker who is chairing the House committee on the army regrets the fact that some children in rural communities learn under trees because they do not have classrooms.

“Unfortunately, some students have to sit under trees, some the classes are not very conducive and this affects learning.

“When people elect you into office, it is important that you give back to them but ensuring they benefit from the dividends of democracy. As their representative, I know their challenges and that is why I focus on education, health, empowerment, and other several programs I have carried out,” he added.

Worried over the porous nature of the school in Koma and other places, Namdas called on the state and federal government to ensure proper fencing of schools and provision of security to avert the systemic kidnapping of students going on in the country.

“There is the need for a parameter fencing of all schools and security should be provided because of the rampant kidnapping of school children witnesses across the country recently. As legislators, we can only intervene in some of these projects by providing classrooms, learning materials, and equipment, but some things can only be done by the states and federal government.

“I think the state should please ensure that these schools are safe for our children to learn by building parameter fencing and engaging security men,” the lawmaker added.

Dominic Ishaku is the headteacher of Gangnissa Primary school. He said they used to teach their pupils under trees, exposed to the harsh sunny weather and rain because there were no classrooms. He is however happy that Namdas has remembered them by constructing two blocks of five classrooms each for them.

“I’m very grateful for having this project in our community. There has been a school here but cannot be identified as a school because there were no classes. But now we feel we are part of the government because of what Namdas has done to us and we are very happy to see that,” Dominic said.

In Koma, the vice-principal, Miletus Guebagso showered praises on Namdas for building a block of classrooms for the school. He said “I’m very happy about this project. We have no classes and a lot of dilapidated buildings in the school, which has made us have many students in a class. But now with this building, our work will be made easier and our classes will not be congested again. We are very happy about this.”

Some students of the schools expressed joy over the construction of the classrooms and the provision of furniture in their various schools.

Earlier, the lawmaker visited the district heads of Binyeri, Mbulo, and Nassarawo Koma where they all welcomed him and his entourage and promised him their continuous loyalty and support in all his endeavors.