A bill for the establishment of the Federal College of Education Technical, Ganye sponsored by the member representing Ganye, Jada, Tongo, and Mayo-Belwa federal constituency at the House of Representatives has passed the second reading.

Hon. Namdas while pressing the bill on the floor of the House on Thursday said if created; the college will boast technical education to fill the looming unemployment gap due to overreliance on university education which produces a huge number of graduates with no practical skills.

“The Rt. Hon. Speaker, Honourable colleagues, I am delighted for this opportunity to lead the debate on a Bill for an Act to provide for the establishment of Adamu Sanda Federal College of Education [Technical] Ganye, in Adamawa State. It is my sincere hope that the bill will receive the usual support of this House in recognition of its significance towards boosting technical education to fill the looming unemployment gap due to over-reliance on university education which produce a huge number of graduates with no practical skills needed to support our challenging economy” Namdas said.

While emphasizing the importance of establishing the institution, Namdas said “Technical education is concerned with qualitative technological human resources development directed towards a national pool of skilled and self-reliant craftsmen, technicians, and technologists in technical and vocational education fields.

“It is a comprehensive term in the education process involving the study of technologies and related sciences, acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding, and knowledge relating to occupation in various sectors of economic and social life.”

He said that the college will provide general technical knowledge which prepares people for entry into a recognized occupation at a higher level but usually lower than the first degree. The Lawmaker added that it involves electrical and electronic technology, metalwork technology, mechanical/ automobile technology, woodwork technology, building technology, etc.

“Mr. Speaker, Hon. Colleagues, It is sad to note that despite all the glaring contributions of technical and vocational education in reducing crimes through creating self-employment opportunities, maximizing the benefits of simple mobile telecommunication technology, accelerating the rate of Industrialisation/economic growth, Nigeria is yet to accord this type of education the attention it deserves.

“It may also be recalled that in recent times, the Boko Haram insurgency destroyed many schools, in the North East and some parts of the country.
This development creates a wide infrastructural gap that affects both technical and conventional tertiary education with adverse the consequence of leaving the larger youths population without exposure, orientation, and technical development opportunities gave the apparent inadequate technical Institutions that will respond to this reality.

“Against this background and given the existing 22 Federal Colleges of Education out of which only eight are technical, a number that is too low to meet our growing population and technological needs, this bill is proposed to establish a Federal College of Education [Technical] Ganye in Adamawa State.”

Hon, Namdas said the establishment of the institution tagged “Adamu Sanda Federal College of Education” will among other things:

· provide full time teaching courses, instruction, and training in technology, applied sciences, arts, social sciences, humanities, and management courses

Provide a veritable source of supporting Nigerians aspiring to take up a career in welding/fabrication, mechanical, electrical, carpentry, and related technological works that guarantee self-reliance and private sector development.

Reduce the too much pressure on university admissions
Provide a flat form for training skilled workers to boost industrialization and technological growth in Nigeria
Improves Nigeria’s image in the eyes of The international community for meeting the requirements of the United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) which considers the establishment of this college as a stabilizing force in reducing employment, crime rate, and stimulating economic stability.

Provides an alternative means of economic diversification.
This bill is among several other sponsored and presented on the floor of the House by Hon. Namdas in the second of his second term in office.