By Nasiru A. Adamu

The best ever decision to be taken, keeping in mind the general public interest is the decision to vote for Hon Abdulrazak Namdas as Governor of Adamawa State

It is a collective bias less decision which will promote and foster development of our great State in all spheres of life,

Looking at the components and composition of his capacity and ability to rescue and revive the ever decaying economy of Adamawa State from perpetual decline

Looking at his ability to bring infrastructural development considering his autonomous resilience, social connection, compassion and pragmatic approach to things that are beneficial to the state in general

Hon Abdulrazak Namdas is not just a symbol of hope, Unity and progress, he is a man of ethics who appreciates and uphold the core values of our Sunshine State

He believes that our youths must have their voices and participate inl Social, economic and political dispensation

The Gangwi of Ganye Chiefdom also believe in equality, justice and fairness, to this end Women will play an important considerable role in his Government if given the mandate,

My good people of Adamawa State, regardless of the party you belong, let’s join hands and support and Vote Hon Abdulrazak Namdas as our next Governor if God spared our lives come 2023

It will be a great mistake and misplaced priority, not to utilize this golden opportunity to make our state great. Namdas is the answer.