By su’ukume Tebe.
Our attention has been drawn to a publication titled ‘ADAMAWA OPERATING ILLEGAL HOSPITAL’ in Indigo’s edition of 27-3rd September 2020 by one Sahid Umar.

The writer, who’s claims dwelled on the rationale behind the legality of establishment of ‘Adamawa German Medical Centre (AGMC) Yola couldn’t present his facts perhaps due to desperation, paucity of knowledge on both journalistic approach and Government desire to boost health care delivery in Adamawa State.

The writer, in the beginning, chooses to used the word ‘hoax’ in his malicious attempt to humbug and pasquinade the public because simply, his knocked for daily-bread at AGMC Yola was turned-down portraying him as a panhandler even in the enviable Journalism profession.

Salmon (2008), obersves that freedom of expression is a universal human Right.According to the scholar, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; including the right to hold opinions without interference as contained in article 9 of the African Charter on human and peoples rights.But Salmon, quickly emphasized that,a ballance must be sought. wherever the balance is drawn,it is vital that the rules are codified to enable reader, viewer, listener and lawmakers know where the boundaries of acceptability lies.

Sahid Umar,disbelieves with this cheering theory, bringing to a question of whether he is a real Journalist or survives through mischievous write-ups?.

One should ponder even as a citizen of Adamawa State, what should it benefit an individual to call for disbandment of an investment of a state that was aimed at saving lives?

Anyway, that’s for another day.
Just to set the records straight; AGMC Yola was inaugurated by former Governor Murtala Hammanyero Nyako in 2012.
The main vision according to the official website of Adamawa State Ministry of health was aimed at acquiring health facility as found abroad including medical manpower development that can provide best medical practice in the state.By the year 2012,it was a 100- bed space intended to serve as a referral centre with a tertiary status.

The management of Medical Centre as directed by the Executive prepare a bill and submitted to the Adamawa State House of Assembly for a legal backing in carrying out it’s activities.
Among the substance of the bill was to initiate and participate in setting the centre’s vision, mission, strategies,goals, operations,plans and Budget.
Equally, the bill seeks to ensure that the centre’s employees operate safe systems and monitor their practice on regular basis and to ensure that all staff have the skills necessary to fulfill their roles within the Centre through continues education and regular training programmes.
Both the 5th,6th and the 7th Assembly push ed for its upgrading to referral centre .
It is important to note here that Mr.sahid Umar has goofed in his submission because presently, the ministry of health in search of a befitting site for Adamawa German Medical Centre.
It’s staff are in the payroll of the Adamawa State Governmet not as concorted by Umar.

Since Hajiya FADIMATU SANI-YAKUBU was appointed as ‘Administrator’ of Adamawa German Medical Centre Yola in the year 2012,she has taken the issue of qualitative, effective, accessible and affordable health to greater heights where international Standard Medical Care Services are being provided at AGMC Yola.

She has provided the needed leadership and motivation for the centre and regular training of the staff.

The world class Medical Centre has been expanded to many departments as it has a functional Diagnostic Centre with fully equipped operation theatres.

These include; Septic and Aseptic theatres, patient recovery area with beds, intensive care unit.

There is Radiology where units like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT-scan), the only one in the Northeast-Nigeria.

Mammography Machine, Electro-cardio-graphic Machine, Ultra-sound machine’ Spiro metric machine and Digital x-ray machine.

She equally expanded the Laboratory department to Hematology, microbiology, chemical pathology, immunology and parasitology.

The AGMC Yola has a blood bank, Modern pharmacy complex and the entire centre has been network with internet facilities.

In recognition of this thunderous achievements, Hajiya FADIMATU SANI-YAKUBU bags ‘global leaders of integrity award, Women of excellence Merit Award(WEMA), Nigeria Merit Gold for transparency and accountability award, leading edge Academy Award and Associate fellow, institute of Health Administration of Nigeria among others.

She is familiar with the web, Microsoft office tools and applications and had a certificate for health and social care from Shiplay College, UK as well as University of West London.

Fadimatu, Msc. holder in Health planning, Management and Administration from University of Maiduguri.

She was a Board Member, University College Hospital, Ibadan and a first degree in public Administration.

Su’ukume Tebe is an indegene of Adamawa State and a member of Nigerian good governance forum Abuja