A title holder in the Batta traditional council, the Ngra-Batta, Chief Rodney Nathan,has doved his cap for three-hearty cheers for His Royal Majesty, the Hama Batta, Homun Alhamdu Glastone Teneke,JP,MFR,(Diyoshifoto, Tikulo Batta, Kpangashe) on his 74th birthday celebration.

Chief Rodney Nathan,who is also the Chairman of Nigeria Union of Teachers, Adamawa State said, attaining 74years in lifetime and in good health is historic as being celebrated by the Monarch.

The Ngra-Batta,who quickly prayed for more resounding good health, wisdom, peace and eventful years as well as reign for Homun Alhamdu Glastone Teneke further admonished his subjects to equally pray for a bumper harvest and peaceful coexistence.

Rodney Nathan added that the over a decade reign of Diyoshifoto, Tikulo Batta has yielded positive impact not only to cultural revival of his chiefdom, but the peace enterprise which every society is agitating for development to flourished.
’74 years calls for celebration.
More over, our king is so dear to us.
‘may his Majesty’s reign be peaceful,as being experiencing now.may Almighty God continue to protect him, give him good health and happiness.
Happy birthday, Diyoshifoto, Tikulo Batta,’
the statement reads in parts.