Worried over the continuous and unrestricted entry of traders to Ganye local government from other states, Barrister Abdulrahaman Njidda Yebbi has called on relevant government agencies to step up their game and ensure no trader is allowed into Ganye.

This he said is one of the major ways of ensuring that no case of the coronavirus disease is recorded in the local government.

Barrister Njidda in a memo written to Honourable Abdulrazak Namdas, the member representing Ganye, Jada, Toungo and Mayo-Belwa constituency at the House of Representatives, called on the lawmaker to make available the Gangwi Civic Center, Ganye, to be used as isolation centre to quarantine those coming into the local government.
“I call on all the relevant authorities in Ganye to seek and crave the indulgence of the Honourable Member representing Ganye, Jada, Toungo and Mayobelwa Federal Constituency in person of Abdulrazak Namdas to oblige us his Gangwi Center which is big enough to accommodate those flouting the lock down order for 14 days or better still, 21 days, ” he said.

He expressed worry over the influx of businessmen into the local government from Kano and other states.
“I have observed with regrets today the efforts of our security men especially the Police in enforcing the ongoing lockdown in Ganye Local Government Area vis-à-vis the challenge facing us as a result of the scary and dreaded influx of recalcitrant business men coming in from Kano, Bauchi and Jigawa States using some lonely and unsuspecting routes thereby beating the vigilance of our security operatives to make it to Ganye main market and International Cattle market.

“I have come to the conclusion that the authorities have to go extra miles to enforce the lockdown order by introducing the method of quarantining any visitor caught violating the lockdown order, ” he said.

The legal luminary believes that the method if adopted, “will send a strong message to anyone daring us and putting our collective health and security at risk that we mean business when we said Ganye must be Corona free!”

Ganye, known as the food basket of Adamawa state is home to one of the international cattle markets in the state, hence the movement of businessmen into the local government from other states and neighboring Cameroon.

The barrister is worried that if stringent measures are not taken, the local government will not be spared from the coronavirus disease.