The Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians and the Arewa consultative forum said the belligerent posture adopted by the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity Mr Femi Adesina in response to legitimate and genuine concerns by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) represents the height of impudence and show of indiscretion over genuine feelings of Nigerians.

The statement which was jointly signed by Engr. Daniel Kadzai the
National Youth President of the Congress of Northern Nigerian Christians (CNNC); President, Coalition of Christian Groups for Good Governance in Nigeria and Diaspora (COCGOG) and Alhaji Yerima Shettima, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) made available to newsmen excoriated the presidential media aide for taking Nigerians for granted hence his audacity to abuse whoever expressed reservations against the lackadaisical manner with which president Muhammadu Buhari is running the country.

The statement also said the position of Mr. Adesina (made on behalf of the Buhari administration) is a clear indication that the same dyslexic amnesia that seems to affect the outlook of the President is the same that trickles down to his aides and finally his service chiefs who have completely lost touch with the realities of Nigeria’s precarious state of health.

According to them, the anomaly has made Nigeria to be dangling dangerously on the edge of the precipice as the country seems to maintain an inexorable drift to political perdition.

According to them, the development calls for all men and women of conscience to take the gauntlet and confront the Frankenstein monster that the Buhari administration has become before the nation is completely consumed.

“The glaring realities of the deplorable state of affairs in the country of which even people from the president’s own region have overlooked all sentiments of regionalism to voice their dissatisfaction to the state of affairs of not just their region but the entire country under the rulership of president Buhari is a pointer to the country’s fast descent to the pit of political Golgotha.”

The Youth leaders however disclosed that the administration of president Buhari has failed and not even Mr Adesina nor any of his Service Chiefs have the moral standing to repudiate the monumental catastrophe that has become Nigeria’s pastime.

“We stand to affirm that the worsening state of insecurity in Northern Nigeria as well as other parts of Nigeria raised by the Northern Elders Forum are not only cogent but true, and they remain a true reflection of the character of the Nigerian state where the government fiddles while bandits and all sort of criminals incinerate the country.

“Never before has the Northern region become so insecure that Nigerians from the same Northern region as the president would have to overlook sentiments and affirm that the region has become unlivable.

“We also refer to the most recent admittance of a coalition of Northern youth groups under the umbrella of the Coalition Against the Killings in Northern Nigeria (CAKIN) and the Northern Groups Coalition (CGN) who succinctly captured the true state of the Nigerian State in their variois treatise.

” Adesina should be told in unambiguous terms that a country cannot whose citizens are brutalised, maimed and kidnapped cannot be said in all honesty to be governed well while the economy has been so badly annihilated.”

The two groups in the statement said lack of admittance to these facts on the part of the Buhari administration is a proof that his government has lost touch with reality, the temerity and loss of sensitivity on the part of Mr Adesina to boldly and openly defend the Buhari administration in the glare of these realities is indeed an insult to the sensibilities of the Northern Nigeria peoples as well as all Nigerians who constitutionally put President Buhari in office to protect their affairs.

They however draw the attention of the president on the recent reality said about the critical stance taken by even the Sultan and leader of the National Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs where he cautioned this government over the deplorable state of security in Nigeria, is a pointer to the fact that all is not well.

“It is therefore reasonable and right for the aforementioned Northern groups to demand the sack of the service chiefs whose incompetence have become a glaring statement of fact despite the mind blowing unthinkable budget which has been made at their disposal to fix the insecurity problem of the country, how can one continue singing praises to a president when a chief of army staff would claim his Army killed over 1,429 Boko Haram unlawful belligerents and arrested 116 of them when he cannot avail Nigerians a 60 seconds proof by video documentary of the burial of the said 1,429 killed unlawful belligerents and 116 terrorists in detection?”

They however reinforce the position of the NEF, CAKIN and CGN and categorically affirm that their positions on the matter are a true reflection of realities in Northern Nigeria and that the groups speak the minds of the constantly maimed majority who the administration of president Buhari seems to have neglected and continually made to believe that his security apparatus are working hard to protect, also affirm that President Buhari has failed to perform his most important constitutional mandate, to protect the citizens of Nigeria.