Adegboyega Adeniyi

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, in collaboration with the Anti Corruption Transparency Unit, ACTU, has organized a sensitization campaign against all forms of corrupt practices for workers of the Sultan Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto.

The Sokoto Airport Manager, Alhaji Musa Asizehi Ojo, said the sensitization is a milestone in the history of Sultan Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto.

Alhaji Musa said, “You recall that touting, jumping queue, thwarting/undermining facilitation-process/procedure, security arrangement for personal gain, is nothing but corruption.

“For our Airports to be on the same pedestal with moderm Airports worldwide, corruption in all forms must be thing of the past at all the nation’s Airport for progress, growth and best practices.”

Speaking earlier, the Deputy General Manager/ Head of Department, Human Resources, Port Harcourt International Airport, Mr Ifreke Matthew said, ACTU is out to educate and enlightened the public, monitor MDAs, ensure complaince with code of ethics, undertake study and review operational services of MDAs to improve accountability

Delivering her lectures on, “Eradication Of Corrutption In Our Work Place and Environment” the Secretary of FAAN/ACTU, Mrs Njideka Nwobu, hinted that corruption has so many appendages ranging from immediate relatives to extended ones.

Mr Njideka who appealed to workers at all categories to utilize their God’s giving potentials beyond office work, implored all Nigerians to jointly push the fight against corruption.

“Anyrhing against due process with the aim of making personal gain is corruption. Corruption begins at home.

“Workers must avoid gratification as doing so is seeking instant reward for a favour done to somebody. In the event a customer voluntarily gives a gift to any staff, he or she should be bold to report and show same to their superiors and colleagues.”

Decrying how some personnel are so corrupt, She added that some may prefer to stay in a particular position for years, go to office even when sick and decline transfer as well as annual leaves.

She furrher divulged that FAAN will begin award and recommendation from 2022,

On his part, the State Resident Anti Corruption Commissioner, of ICPC, Mahdi Muhammad Lawal said, corruption is an opportunity that must be declined at all times.