The Nigerian Labour congress in Borno State wants the federal government to influence the implementation of insurance packages for aid workers.

The state chairman of the union, Bulama Abiso stated this in a joint press conference with Trade Unions, Civil Society network and Concerned Citizens network at the labour house in Maiduguri.

The Coalition said the press conference became necedsary following the persistent security challenges the state is facing.

They want justice for slain aid workers while highlighting the need to priorities the safety and security of Aid workers working in the frontline.

“We are calling on the Federal and State Governments, The United Nations and INGOs to consider insurance packages to partner national organizations and local staff; this will encourage indigenous citizens to continue providing humanitarian support to affected communities in hard to reach areas.” Abise said.

While the UN has made provision for insurance coverage for its staff, most local and international NGOs have no such packages.

The coalition also believes that resources allocated to the counter insurgency war both at the state and federal level is not commensurate with the realities on ground.

“We are calling for total overhaul of the process, system and strategies; there is no harm in seeking for external support if that is what is needed to bring lasting peace to the region.” Abiso said.