Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas, a frontline governorship aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has Saturday concluded his statewide tour and meeting with party executives at the ward and local government levels ahead of the party’s primary elections.

Namdas who kick-started the statewide consultation tour about a month ago was in Mubi North, Mubi South and Maiha local governments Saturday where he was recieved by a mamooth crowd of party executives, youth and women in all the areas visited.

Expressing happiness for the overwhelming and unconditional show of support, solidarity and goodwill Namdas said he was astounded by the turnout of people and support during the consultation visits.

He particularly thanked women, youth, party excos and his campaign team for their show of goodwill and immense support during the energy sapping activity.

The gubernatorial hopeful who is the incumbent lawmaker representing Toungo, Ganye, Jada and Mayo Belwa federal constituency in the house of representatives said the reason for the state wide tour is to confer with the local government and ward executives of the party being the leaders of the party.

“I used the opportunity to interact with the delegates and party executives across all 226 wards and local governments of the state and they are very appreciative of the visit,” he said.

He noted that the visit also showcases the respect he has for the party exco who are the leaders of the party adding that from the interaction, consultations and frank talks he had with them, he is optimistic of their support during the party primaries.

“The party excos are our leaders and as loyal party man I deemed it fit to meet them one on one in order to talk to them about my aspiration, seek their support and guidance as my leaders and that has paid premiums,” he said.

He said he is currently working with other like-minded stakeholders in order to ensure all party exco vote in the coming gubernatorial primary election.

Also appreciating Adamawa people for their solidarity during the state wide consultation tour, a former permanent secretary in Adamawa State civil service, Alfred Kerry said he could not thank the people enough for the overwhelming show of love they extended to the Namdas campaign train.

“I’m overwhelmed by the massive support and goodwill of the people. In each local government we visited, we witnessed a mamooth crowd who came out to recieve him and I’m sure this is because of his performance in house of representatives, his candour, and transparent conduct.

“We are witnesses to his excellent performance in the four local governments he represents in the house of representatives and because of that a lot of people came out to receive him wholeheartedly without any strings attached.

“What we witnessed in Maiha today was marvelous because of the number of women and youth that turned out to receive him. As a youth, youths and women have accepted him not only because he is young but because of his track record and the promises he made in areas of empowerment, job opportunities, and the promise that he will carry everybody along,” he said.

Also speaking, Ahmadu Fons Wangubi, Namdas’s immediate predecessor in Nigeria’s house of representatives said he is optimistic that if the election is a game of popularity Namdas will fly the party’s flag in May.

“Well among the aspirants, Namdas is the only one that has gone to the 21 local governments to dialogue with the people. Based on the analysis we made, he is the most acceptable aspirant and I have no doubt if a free and fair election is conducted he will carry the day.

“The massive turnout of youth and women is indicative of his victory come May,” he said.

Also speaking, Hon Umar Abdulkarim, a former member of Nassarawo Binyeri State constituency in Mayo Belwa local government similarly expressed confidence in Namdas’ victory as all permutations are in his favor.

He noted that considering the people who are supporting Namdas aspiration coupled with his massive grassroots appeal, his victory at the party primaries is only a matter of time.