By Tom Garba, Yola

On a day exactly like today a son was born in Adamawa State, Northeast Nigeria to the Family of Mustapha, a teacher in the then Gongola State, Northern Province. Mustapha christened the newborn baby boy Boss, a name synonymous with leadership, the capacity to pilot affairs of a nation. Having a pilotage ability to guide and direct with all sense of initiatives, foresight, and administrative skills to serve humanity.

Sixty Six years down the line, Barrister Boss Mustapha was born to serve. His Birthday has recalled my memory of his early days in politics. Then he was much into humanity service as a practicing Lawyer, he gave the best in this regard with much interest in political participation.

At 66 Boss is today a household name, a name far above rubies with a flowering stature. In 1992 was the State Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), with steady growth in his political acceptance. On several occasions contested as a Governor in both SDP and APC. He was a managing director of Nigerian Inland waterways. A management consultant per excellent.

Boss is indeed an important intellectual rendezvous for the Law profession and public intellectuals in Nigeria. He built a political strong relationship as a party and grassroots Man. As a devout Christian who believes in equity, his life revolts around justice, peace, and development.
At 66 Barrister Boss can hark back with a strong measure of contentment to touch the lives of many people. In his nature of a patient Man, seldom in talking, but with a selective way of approach in any public or political gathering whenever he talks. A humble personality, he can stoop law to anyone looking for his attention. An apt and ardent listener but always coming out with a few words of inspiration. My few meetings with him and at public functions suggested to me Boss is friendly, kind-hearted, and always ready with a listening ear.

He occupies the current office of the Nigerian Secretary of the federal government, this is where I see him as a pillar in upholding the country’s live line. In this office, this Man has gone beyond the scribe of the Nation, he found it a place to stabilize the Economy, the battered unity, and corporate existence. He worked as a clock to make sure that Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime succeed well in serving Nigeria.

Many see him as a hard-working Man, but my understanding of Boss Mustapha is a blessing to Nigeria, a huge pride, especially to the people of Adamawa state. He is a pool of inspiration to the younger generation and a motivation to anyone looking for a good Nigerian with high intellectual capacity.

I join others in wishing Barrister Boss Mustapha many happy returns of the day. He is one of the few redemptive figures in a community SGFs where sometimes it is difficult to truly know what has happened to political leadership in our land. Boss stands out, with his integrity as a viable asset he can’t toy with, he remains a great man, a pillar hanging on the lights of Hope to Nigerians.

Happy many returns Sir, I wish you well with a successful and glorious ending, with greater achievements and accomplishments. Above all, I wish you a glorious place in Heaven.

Congratulations on your 66th birthday

Is a Journalist, a political analyst, and an opinion writer. He writes from Yola-Adamawa State. He can be reached through this means:
[email protected]