Youth have been described as the backbone of every country, when they are well utilized they can remain the live line of socioeconomic and constant agents of positive change.

A Youth Leader of Federated Kurama Association, a sociocultural group in Kaduna State, Mr. Bitrus Garba (Peter) vowed to galvanize, and reawaken the Kurama Youth to be agents of good change.

According to him, the world is transitional with many high technology innovations in all facets of life that the Youth of Kurama in Lere Local Government Area of Kaduna state must be part of to help in changing narrative that Nigerian Youths are “Lazy”.

He revealed so many tactics he can use to harness the best in the Kurama Youth to add value to themselves that can cause good development not only in Kaduna State but Nigeria in its entirety.

Bitrus reiterated this when he was unopposed and endorsed as Youth President of the Federated Kurama Association (Youth wing) in Yarkasuwa, Saminaka, Saturday amidst cheering supporters who thronged the venue of the election for his support and a show of solidarity.

The new Youth leader told our correspondent that his vision and dream for the Kurama Youth is to see them becoming true leaders of today not tomorrow.

By this, he will map out strategies and ways to make them actively engage in politics and play sensitive roles in all political parties.

He said one of the issues that are relegating the Youth to the backdrop is their constraints to be financially self-independent.

“I will make sure a Kurama Youth is liberated from the shackles of poverty, and the only thing that we must do to achieve this is to make them get business concepts to create wealth by themselves.

” I and my colleagues must find ways to make them understand that education is a key to development and to get a liberated mind.

“I want to tell you that the problem we are facing today in this country of whatever type, or under whichever guise are all Youth related and is the absence of financial independence and Education in most of the Youth.

” Once we have a Youth that is actively involved in Business and has a requisite level of education our society will be void of social ills,” Bitrus said

While commending the past Kurama Youth leader for his foresight to bring life to the Youth wing of the Federated Kurama Association, he equally thanked those who shows solidarity in coming, some used their resources and vehicles to ensure a free and credible election.

He vowed to give his best and be the best in adding value to Kurama Youth that will translate to the collective good of Kaduna State.

The Election Committee under the Chairmanship of Alhaji Munkaila Bawa ratified the election to be free and fair and was described as one of the best.

Other Elcom officials are Mr. Hosea Wada (Secretary), Miss Hannatu Chindo (Treasurer), and Hon. Joshua Elisha Dogara (Member), Mr. Victor Ishaya Kaku (Member) have all confirmed that the election was conducted peacefully and freely, and fair.

The newly officials under the leadership of Bitrus Garba are; Idris Ukissa (Vice President ), Emma Mairabo (Vice 1), Jessy Ezekiel (Vice 2), and Joel Sale (Secretary)

Others are Yusuf Idi Garu (Asst. Secretary), Christopher Ayuba (Treasurer), Zakious Barau (Financial Secretary), Danbala Ibrahim (Auditor), Hannatu Chindo (Organizing Secretary), Nafisa Usman (Organizing secretary 2)

Silas Yohanna (Director of Social), Joshua Ashema (PRO1), Istifanus Luka (PRO2), Ezekiel Haruna (PRO3), and Ephraim Dangana (Legal adviser) are all officials under Bitrus Garba-led administration to bring about positive change in Kurama land

ELCOM Chairman, Alhaji Munkaila Bawa told our correspondent that swearing in ceremony will be conducted at a later date for the new officials to have a full mandate and capacity to operate.
[TG News]