The Murum Mbula Bwaltam Bentley Biyapo Mboiman II has received relief materials as flood ravages 22 communities from the Mbula extraction in Demsa Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

Twenty two communities spread across Dilli, Mbula, Borrong and Demsa wards were affected by the flooding.

Lidomba Community Foundation, an Abuja based Mbula group visited the monarch in Borrong on Monday with food items to address the immediate needs of the affected people.

The LCF says as part of its community service effort they are reaching out to ravaged Communities whose lives were disrupted by the recent flood disaster.

The Lidomba Community Foundation was represented by Chief Altine Sheji, Chief John Waitono and Barr John Tunoh (Sectetary of BOT) for the Foundation.
The team leader Chief John Waitono sympathized with the Murum Mbula and expressed concern over the yearly occurrence of the disaster destroying lives and property.

According to Chief Waitono, the Foundation which is barely 6 months old had intervened in a lot of issues affecting Mbula land as well as creating awareness on matters requiring citizen participation like voters registration and other civic responsibilities.

Receiving the relief items the Murum Mbula, Bwaltam Biyapo thanks the LCF for the kind gesture explaining that the situation is pathetic and calls for more support to help cushion the effect of the disaster for affected communities.
The Murum says only the Demsa Local government authority has reached out to the victims with food donations so far.
He assured the Foundation that the items will be judiciously distributed through the District Heads of the Chiefdom whom were also present at the event.

The LCF team also made a stop at the residence of the District head of Demsa ward where it made similar donations for onward distribution to affected villages.
Items presented include Bags of Maize, Bags of Garri and Salt.