It is rare in Nigerian politics for an opposition party or member to be recognized for any development due to the dirty partisan poliics we play.

If i was told that a day like this would come where the Federal Government led by the APC Government will recognise the effort of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, i would’ve sworn it was not gonna happen.

But lol and behold, it did. Not only was the Governor recognized due to the developmental stride of his administration but will be awarded.

If the Federal Government was a social media handle or an account, i could’ve sworn that it was hacked because it is uncommon for Nigerian politicians to put aside partisan politics and do what is right.

Well, this is not unconnected to the fact that Adamawa state Governor has stood out amongst his peers. His developmental strides is unprecedented.

Governor Fintiri beats 34 State Governor’s from both the APC and the PDP to the coveted INFRASTRUCTURE GOVERNOR OF THE YEAR, an award by the Buhari’s led government.

Being a strongest member of the main opposition party, Governor Fintiri actually needed to be the best to get this award.

What amazes me was how the news of the award was greeted with fanfare irrespective of party affiliations, as I’ve seen members of the APC applauding Governor Fintiri for such a feat.

This shows that the Governor does not just deserve it but deserves more, looking at the meagre resources at his disposal.

The meagre resources at his disposal, Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and the huge amount of debt inherited from the past administration didn’t deter him in putting the state on the wheels of development.

I’m certain Adamawa citizens were not surprised when the news broke out because they have seen, felt and touched the unwavering developmental strides of the Fintiri’s led administration.

From the over 300 kilometers of rural roads to aid farmers move their farm produce to the over 200 kilometers urban roads for the urban centres. Plus the gigantic grade interchange and underpass and the flyover.

The over 5000 block of 3 classrooms and an office, administrative blocks, ICT Center or Libraries and the VIP toilets are spread across primary and secondary schools.

The 2,000 housing estate for civil and public servants, businessmen is also a thing of commendation.

The Federal Government is also aware of his giant strides in the health sector, with the construction of 7 new Cottage Hospitals and the upgrading of 5 more General and Cottage Hospitals.

One funny thing is that all infrastructures put in place by the Fintiri’s led government is put into use for the betterment of all and sundry irrespective of religious, ethnic and party affiliations.

In the history of the state, no government has touched various sectors simultaneously in a short time and with meagre resources.

This goes to tell you that a golden fish has no hidden place