Chubado Tijjani, a close ally of Adamwa state governor and a former chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, has broke silence over his defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC) Party.

Honorable Chubado Babbi Tijjani has granted an audience to this medium refuting many of the issues the Madagali critical stakeholders raised recently in a press conference in Yola.

The two-term Madagali local government chairman during a telephone interview said the Governor and many people in his cabinet are very much aware of the contributions he made in 2019 to support the present Government of PDP.

He said the question of his political irrelevance if it’s never an issue to them why are they worried and granting press conferences over the whole issue?

You would recall the critical stakeholders has during a press conference described Honourable Tijjani as a politician with less political value who has not been adding value to the party and supported Fintiri in the last 2019 election.

Tijjani gave considerably evidence to prove that the likes of Musa Shayi, Hamza and Alhaji Tukur witnessed how he mobilised people for his campaigns.

Aside his many contributions, Babbi said as a former Chief of staff with his supporters across the state, he mobilized them to work for Fintiri in 2019.

” As they rightly pointed out, politics is about recognition, and I’m not being recognized, what I wanted is even if is an appointment be made from my ward I should be consulted on even if my view will not be considered.

“So I want to agree with them if they say my staying in PDP or going to APC is of no relevance. It’s because they didn’t take me as anything, which informed my decision to move out of PDP. So they are right in this respect.

“I’m a politician and for me not to be consulted on issues concerning politics even at my ward level, I consider it as an insult. This is the reason why I decided to change direction and Identify myself with those that value me.” Tijjani said

Babbi said he grew through the ranks of politics, from being a councilor to two-term Chairman of Madagali, Adviser to former Governor Nyako, and later Chief of Staff to Governor Bala James-led government, he should remain a valued stakeholders at least of Madagali local government.

He revealed that the main reason for him leaving PDP is a simple lack of recognition, inclusion in the happenings, or decision on issues relating to his immediate area even as a stakeholder.

” So I joined APC on personal ground, nobody influenced me, nobody called me to join and I only joined the party because of the way and manner I was treated in PDP, not because of anyone, or I follow any particular politician, no! not at all.” He revealed

He described the critical stakeholders Conference as nothing than a voice of the commissioner of Land and Survey, Muhammad Umar and is not the representation of Governor Fintiri.

He berated them that there is nothing critical about them, if they are so critical they likes of Hamza Bello Madagali, the present organizing Secretary of State PDP should talk on behalf of them, but he was mute and not at the conference because of the valued relationship they have.

”I know Governor Fintiri for a very long time, he will not agree with them on this, if he wants to pass his message to anyone, he would have done that through his spoke person and I assure you I can likewise reply him adequately. So what they so called critical stakeholders did was entirely the thinking of Mohammed Umar, commissioner of land and survey. Therefore I will not join issues with the Governor because we have mutual respect for ourselves. If he wants to attack me he has all the capacity to do that. If I want to attack him I have the right to do that as a citizen of this country and we are in a democracy.

“Since he didn’t do that it will be out of disrespect to say anything negative about him so I reserve my comments because I believe this is not coming from him.

“I hold the ward chairman that addressed the press during their conference in high esteem. His name is Abdu Umaru Jabu, who is a younger brother to the commissioner land and survey. This is someone who named his child after me, he is like a Father to me, he loves me then how will I join issues with him? I’m pretty sure if you give him a secret ballot paper today he will vote for me to become even the president of this country. I’m popularly known as Villa, he has a villa (his child named after me) in his house then tell me how will I fight such a person?

“To draw his attention, if he does not forget so soon that he was the one that endorsed my withdrawal letter from being a member of PDP, he was actually not happy that I left. If you watch the video of their press conference well, he was not reading his mind, it was Muhammad Umar’s script. So if you talk about critical stakeholders why is Honourable Hamza Bello Madagali, who is the state organizing Secretary not part of them? This is to tell you that we know ourselves, so what’s critical about them from our local government? If he (Hamza) can’t come to say anything bad about me, then who are they? If at all I attack the Governor, Hamza will not shield me, he will come out boldly and tell the world,therefore I have no reason to accuse him as well.” He said

He continued to say; “There is one boy by name Dauda Sa’idu, this is a young man I barely know seven months ago, he was an Okada rider when I was a local government chairman, he was probably not in my political camp,that is why I didn’t know him. But for him to say that we had a meeting with him in 2019 to vote APC is a blackmail. He lied against me, and leave to his conscience.

” For me, the summary of all this didn’t come from the Governor and I will not say anything bad about him.

According to him, If they see him as someone who cannot add value to their government but at least he has one fundamental thing they can’t take from him, that he has a vote.

“Is my vote not important? Who has more than one vote among them? A good politician will not say somebody is not important.” He asked

He however said years ago, building to 2019 elections they had their political differences but the hatchet was long been buried and resolved amicably.

“We had our political differences before but was long ago been resolved building to the 2019. We have being friends, we are very fearless individuals. Governor Ahmadu can boldly make his decision without fear or favor, I can also do that. During the last elections I mobilized votes for him across the state immediately he got the governorship ticket, I called him to congratulate him also. So there is no fracas between us.

” I can not say the Governor is having grudges against me at the moment, what I can only say he has his unique type of leadership that people must reach out to him before you can relate well. But fortunately or unfortunately I’m not the type that disturb people in authority. if I helped you I should not be coming and disturbing you over personal issues.

“I know if the Governor finds me worthy to work for him, he can reach out to me. Besides there is nothing new for me in Adamawa state, I was a chief of staff which is the highest position Fintiri can give me, but I was in the same office, so I don’t virtually need anything from his government to survive.” Babbi said

He dated back their political relationship to have existed exactly twenty two years today and have been patting the backs of one another to grow, this he said is not taking the relationship lightly.

“Governor Ahmadu, Myself, Hamza Bello Madagali, one gentleman call Gulak one, Yusuf Presido (NULGE) exactly twenty two years ago as friends we were in the same room in mecca for holy pilgrimage.

” These are people I know, so they are my friends and brothers and I’m also their friend. We have nothing personal against each other, it’s a matter of opinion. We are all grown up people for God’s sake. If they feel I’m not good enough to be in their camp they are entitled to their opinion. If I feel I don’t like the way I’m being treated I’m also entitled to my own opinion. We can part ways, it’s not a big deal.” He stated

Tijjani said he left PDP for good to APC to begin a new political life as the 19th March, 2022 (coming Saturday ) he will be formally inducted into the APC, his new found party in his home town of Madagali by party stakeholders.

He however craved the indulgence of all APC members to unite as a family to grow up the party in Adamawa in the interest of all.

” I crave the indulgence of APC leaders to be fair to all as a family, we are in the opposition and if we don’t get our axes right, it will be a very big blow in the party again, it means the party will remain in the opposition which we don’t want.

I’m calling on the party leadership to be fair to everyone. There should not be any type of imposition for whatever reason.

“They should try as much as possible to reconcile all aspirants, but if it is proven difficult they should be given a chance to exercise their popularity. If there is justice, I assure you people will surely support the winner. In life injustice brings all manner of crises so you have to be fair to everybody, this is my call to the leaders.

” And for now, I don’t have any political ambition to contest, I will not be fair to those I met in the party all these years. I think I better join the queue if there is going to be any ambition that should be in the future.”Chubado said