Adamawa North Senatorial Zone needs to have one of its erudite politicians, this time around, to represent it at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Barrister Bala James Nggilari, who is fondly called “Mr. leave it for God” or “Damo Sarkin Hakuri” is for many reasons the man to beat in the forthcoming APC primaries and the subsequent general election.

He is a successful lawyer par excellence, a one time member of the Constitutional Conference, a former member House of Representatives, former Deputy Governor, former Governor, amongst several other positions he held.

Armed with the aforementioned positions, Barrister Bala James Nggilari has vast experiences in all its ramifications and would enable him give the best in the red chamber, which is the primary responsibility of a legislator.

What more; Being a former national assembly member, we believe as concerned indigenes of the northern zone, could earned him a good position in the Senate, which he would effectively utilize to influence major decisions at the red chamber that would be of benefit to his zone and to the country at large.

Nggilari, will without an iota of doubt, we believe, not be just a seconder or mover of motions, but he will surely initiate diverse kinds of bills, being a seasoned legal practitioner and a consummate politician to the core.

He knows what is good for his people, their needs and concerns and will ensure that he pursues them with alacrity and determination when elected.

Aside, the influence he could wield as a former house of representatives member, his network of connections across the country as a former deputy governor and governor respectively, cum his eloquence and persuasiveness in speech, would make lobbying for projects and programmes for his zone from the executive arm easier and faster.

Nggilari, we believe, is the right man for the job because of his high sense of humility and tolerance. He is versatile , nationalistic, above all, a stabilizing force among the diverse ethnic and religious groups that make up the zone.

He is a matured and detribalize man by every sense of the word. He is not quarrelsome as he respects and accommodates all shades of opinions from all manners of people with civility and without discrimination.

Every concerned indigene of the Adamawa north, knows without doubts, he is a godly man. Little wonder, he is tagged “Mr. leave it for God”. He also respects and honours God’s timing for his life.

Consequently, for the benefit of hindsight, Barrister Bala James is one man that could sacrifice a lofty ambition just to save his people. This is a man that did all that is humanly possible to ensure that his zone and indeed the entire state is liberated from the clutches of insurgents, at a time that most people were scampering for safety in other states.

Additionally, Bala Nggilari , we are sure, if chosen to represent Adamawa Northern zone at the Senate, this time, would be in the spirit of fairness, equity and justice to all parts of the zone. This is because unlike the other local governments that made up the zone, Madagali Local Government Area, has not produced a Senator, since the dawn of this present democratic dispensation.

Therefore, there is no better time than now for the people of Adamawa North to appreciate and pay this man Bala Nggilari back by voting him to represent them at the red chamber.