By Blessing Tunoh Asso

A Professor of political science at the University of Maiduguri, Ibrahim Umara has donated a million naira to stranded students caught up in the protracted ASUU/FG deadlock.

Many students had traveled back home when the one month’s warning strike was first announced in February. But many other students stayed back hopeful that the issues raised by ASUU would be resolved and academic activities resumed.

The unresolved faceoff is responsible for an additional eight weeks strike by the ASUU dashing any hope the students had of returning to class. The students on campus mostly from different parts of the country who have now exhausted their supplies are now stranded and desirous of returning home but are out of funds.
The students have finally been asked to vacate the hostels as the strike enters its second month.

“This is the least we can do because these are children of our fellow civil servants and they are now stranded; even though we had other things we wanted to do with our resources we had to put our plans on hold to help them get home.” Umara tells in a phone interview.

This is a pointer to the possibility that many students who had hoped for an early ASUU/FG peace deal could be stranded in campuses across the country exposing them to hardship and vices.