The Head of Civil service of Adamawa State Dr Edgar Amos Sunday is asking the respective tribes of the state to tolerate the cultural differences of one another and embrace unity in the interest of peace and progress of the state and the people as a whole

According to the Head of service, the desired progress of any people living together as indigenes of a state can only be truly achieved where mutuality is given a chance through a robust tolerance for one another, ethnic differences notwithstanding

Dr Edgar reached out to the respective tribes and ethnic groups through a one day cultural praises and worship galore organised by him at the LCCN Cathedral Nassarawo Jimera, Sunday November first

Edgar says progress or development has no tribe but needs an atmosphere of peace to thrive that is why he finds it necessary to organise the event with a view to bringing together people from different ethnic backgrounds to appreciate the creator for sustaining them as a people and to appreciate the Creator for the grace to cross the many hurdles of life to this year end

Edgar whose peaceful disposition is worthy of emulation believes that the similarities that bind the different tribes of the state are much more greater than the differences that separate them

While positing than two cannot walk together except they agree, Dr Edgar spurred the ethnic groups in the state to first of all embrace the Creator and thereafter hold one another in love and respect

In a remark, Chairman of the organising Committee Chief Felix Tangwami describes gospel cultural music as an avenue to reach out to people on the grassroots with the gospel and to also appreciate the beauty of a people’s uniqueness

The event Guest speaker, Rev. Buntausa Sunday did not only speak on the occasion but also joined the dance troupes to respective cultural displays

He charged the people to make it a habit to appreciate the Creator through worship in their daily living as the Lord inhabits the praises of His people

The Bishop of LCCN Yola diocese Rt Rev Amos Yakubu and the Dean LCCN Jimeta division Rev Gideon Ishaku among other clergies were unanimous that it is a beautiful thing to see people of different backgrounds united in the course of God’s worship

Different cultural troupes featured at the event.