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1. Encouragement Fellowship International also known as the Noble Family (hereinafter referred to as the Church) is a Prophetic and an Apostolic Church under the leadership of its President and Founder, Apostle Noyong Benson Nobleman with its headquarters situated at the Zion City, along Mautech Road, Yola; Adamawa State Nigeria.

2. The mandate of the church is giving power to the weak and increasing strength to the weary through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and His saving power for the liberation of mankind worldwide and restoring backsliding believers. The church is also passionate about promoting the well being of humanity through charity endeavors and training God’s people for exploits in all walks of life.

3. As a general rule, the Church does not join issues or respond to opeds, comments, opinions or news about the Church, her founder, her members or her Pastors. The Church is solely focused on carrying out her mandate without distractions.

4. However as this is an exceptional case, the Church has decided to make some few clarifications on the above subject gaining traction across all media platforms.

5. We accept in part the statement by Premium Times that the Church is a new generation Church (A Prophetic and Apostlic Church). However, we reject in its totality the insinuation that Mrs Juliana Eli Daniel is:
a. A Pastor with the Encouragement Fellowship International.
b. A cleric heading Encouragement Fellowship International.

6. We strongly postulate that our Ministerial and Pastoral boards are clearly defined and their functions well dichotomized and documented.

7. We also state that our founder and leader is Apostle Noyong Benson and not Mrs Juliana Eli Daniel as erroneously suggested by Premium Times.

8. We also wish to state that Mrs Juliana Eli Daniel’s membership of the church became very uncertain from about 5 months ago when she voluntarily withdrew her active participation and association with the Church and is said to have joined another Church.

9. We also wish to state that until the said time of the withdrawal of her active association with the Church, she has been a Minister (a position equal to a deacon) with the church (having been previously ordained on the 7th of July, 2019).

10. While we cannot stop Premium Times or any media outlet from broadcasting an already public news, we can however ask Premium Times and any others to exhibit diligence and professionalism by reporting veried facts.

11. We reject part of the story as contained in paragraph 5 above and ask Premium Times to take down part of the story as it is misleading and defamatory.

12. However, we decline to comment on the crux of the matter as the matter is under investigation by officers of the Law and we shall wait for the Law to take its natural course.

13. It must be noted however that The Church in general condemns in it’s totality any act of sexual immorality and misconduct in whatever form among it’s leaders, workers or members.


Church Management
Encouragement Fellowship International