By Muhammed B. Tukur GCFR

Yes today, the 24th of December, 2020 marked my one year in office as Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa state on New Media.

It has been a blissful journey but tedious, full of ups and downs, all aimed at bringing our vast knowledge and wealth of experience to bear in the task.

We have been able to showcase and project the image of this government for the better as we are mandated and appointed to. No amount of anything will deter us in this regard.

This is just a year, there’s is much ahead and unprecedented but with our firm belief in the will of God, things will be easy and surmountable. We’ll deliver and keep to the trust.

As we seek divine intervention before and ahead, your support and prayers are vital at this crucial moment of state assignment. Keep faith with us, no disappointment whatsoever.

The amiable Governor is doing just, right, adhering to the rule of law and fairness which is responsible for the massive development beingwitnessed. It’s not hearsay but reality. It’s not audio but visual.

I say and say, Fintiri the just. Fintiri the trusted. Fintiri the clever. Fintiri the game changer. Fintiri the ATM, is all about him and no more. The truth is bitter but we will not surrender.

Our development projects will silent the enemies. The Abuja politicians. The Lagos politicians. We believe in Adamawa politicians. We continue to be servants of the masses forever.

I call on you my friends, the people, the who and who, let’s rally round him. He is the best. He came at the right time. His tenure will ever remain indelible in our minds. I say it loudly.

Finally, I congratulate my colleagues, the SSAs, appointed at the same time and other appointees. We are lucky indeed, selected out of millions to assist our Fresh Air Governor.

To God be the Glory.