A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Adamawa state, Mustapha Umar Madawaki, the Mukkadas of Adamawa has asked governor Ahmadu aumaru Fintiri to sit up or be pushed out.

Madawaki made this known in an interview with newsmen at his Yola resident.

He said the governor has performed below expectations in terms of development with his almost two years in office.

“Left to me and the people I have spoken with regarding performance knowing what development is, I think he has performed below expectation,” Madawaki said.

Madawaki who contested for the office the senate at the 2019 elections under the platform of the ADC said he has since returned to the All Progressives Congress and is confident that the party will return to power come 2023.

“I was a member of the APC but because of the injustices we saw at the party we decided to pull out and form another political party which is the ADC and I contested under that platform. But now that we have been able to achieve our objective of getting rid of the people that tried to destroy our party especially at the national level, I think we have now been able to come together and the party is coming out strong and united. Within a short time, you will see the difference,” he said.

He stressed that members of the party are uniting and coming together as a formidable force to takeover the state from the clutches of the PDP and the Fintiri-led administration.

“Our people are uniting and coming together and we are going to mobilize and make the incumbent seat on fire because of the caliber of people that are now coming together both those who had left and new ones coming in.

“it is already evident in the number of defections we are already witnessing. It is a clear indication that APC is coming back as a united and prosperous political party and we are going to take over because Adamawa has always been ours,” he added.

Madawaki tasked the Fintiri administration to inculcate the habit of listening and responding positively to criticism, which he believe will help the government move forward.

He frowned at the attitude of some of the media aides of the governor who respond to criticism with insults and attacks, while asking them to change their attitudes and embrace constructive criticism for the good of the entire state.

” We worked against our party because our party didn’t do well. So if anybody thinks we are criticizing them because they are in the government that person should check himself well. We are criticizing with objectivity for people to sit up and do the needful for the common good of our dear state. We are going to speak up where we see discrepancies so the government will sit up.

” If the governor sees our criticism as an act of enmity then he is in trouble. We have seen a lot of loopholes in this government, and that is why we are talking, and if he didn’t change then, we would give him a very good fight. But if he sees our criticism as a wake-up call then he will do the right thing and the needful for the state.

” We are all citizens of Adamawa state. We do not criticize just for the sake of criticism. We criticize in order for us to take corrective measures. But any government who think their skin is thick for criticism then that government should be ready to be thrown out,” Madawaki warned.

He further stressed that ” We want our governor to sit up and do the needful, do the right thing, and not fighting the opposition that is meant to provide checks and balances for him. He should look at criticisms objectively, pick the ones he wants to work on it and leave whatever he doesn’t want.”

While responding to questions on the construction of a flyover at the total junction and great interchange at the former police roundabout by the Fintiri-led administration, the APC chieftain said the projects are displaced priorities.

“When you have priorities and you de-prioritize your projects and spending then it will not be for the benefit of the people. Do we need a flyover? I wasn’t the first person to criticize it. From day one, 90% of the citizens of this state criticize it. So I’m not saying it in isolation.

“Why do we need a flyover? The holdups that are profound in that area hardly keeps you for 20 minutes, you don’t call that holdup. There are holdups that keep you for two to three hours and not this one here. So why do we need to spend this much just for that purpose? It is just one of those projects governments do for people to say he has done this and that.

“I think the amount of money that he is expending on these projects would have gone a long way in making his administration one of the best. He has gotten acceptance from the people of Adamawa, but he did not prioritize his projects, if he had he should know that education is suffering, the health sector is suffering. Even in the infrastructure, there are places that are begging for roads even within the state capital. There are communities that need just ordinary culverts because once it rains they are cut off. These are the places he should focus on,” he stressed.

Madawaki said he wants to see Adamawa take its place in the comity of states within the nation and therefore charged the governor to take a drastic turn towards progress or face a stiff challenge at the polls come 2023.

” We want Adamawa to take its place in the comity of states within our nation. Therefore, there is no way we will allow this temporary change of leadership.

” If my governor continues the way he is going and has not to embrace radical changes from his standpoint then he is in trouble because I am going to contest against him.

” This is the time for the state to also set its mark. If Adamawa will be held back because the incumbent does not want to do what is required of him then he should be prepared for a big fight,” he added.