The institutional partner of the chartered institute of Arts Management and professionals, USA , Prowess University Daleware, in it’s 2021 award ceremony awarded  an Honourary Doctorate Degree in Public Administration (honoris causa)
to Pharmacist Wafari Theman at the University of Lagos, Saturday 30th October ,2021.

The institute is in partnership with over 7 universities in the United States of America.

Pharmacist Wafari Theman was awarded for his entrepreneural success in capacity building and Re-engineering the mind of the youths towards economic Independence and self reliance.

Wafari’s societal influence through Mentors International, Change Your World (CYW) and political office operations has emancipated a large number of people from obscurity to limelight.

His above the average performance as Adamawa State Coordinator of RIFAN–CBN special project, in the fare and equitable distribution of farm implements to Adamawa farmers is lengendray.

His citation was presented amidst thunderous ovation and excitement from participants and guests.

The fifth leadership summit and Doctorate Degree award ceremony was attended by the African representative of Prowess University in Nigeria, Prof. praise Chidi Nwabua Council and management members of the Prowess University in Nigeria, friends and family members.