As the world celebrates the beginning of a new year, 2021, Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas has again put a smile on the faces of his constituents by distributing hospital equipment worth fifty million naira to six selected rural hospitals with a view to improving quality service delivery to rural communities in his constituency.

The equipment were distributed to Mbella in Mayo-Belwa, Kiri and Yelliso in Toungo, Sangasumi in Ganye, Kojoli in Jada and Wurro Abbo of Mayo-Belwa, local governments respectively.

The lawmaker said he has decided to select rural hospitals who may not have good equipment and facilities to treat patients as beneficiaries of the projects. This he believes will improve quality service delivery to the people at the rural areas.

” When you represent people, you need to identify what there problems are. I know for a fact that we have issues of medical challenges within this communities. We have issue of water and also schools. I’ve been able to deliver on the issue of water and also schools now it is time for me to focus on the health facilities. I was able to provide a level two clinic in Bajama in Mayo-Belwa at the cost of N83.7m and it is already under construction. It involves a staff quarters for the workers, a borehole and and solar system.

” To move one step further, I have to again work hard to attract more to my constituency, and that is why we are distributing this equipment worth N50m so that the rural areas will benefit too. We have identified six primary health care centres in the rural communities and we have been able to deliver these equipment to all of them,” Namdas said.

He further stressed the need for government and representatives at all level to focus of improving the health system especially now that COVID-19 is still active and pressing like wild fire.

” We are in the era of COVID-19 and many health challenges and there is every need for us to focus on our health sector. Leaders should not always be running outside the country for health issues, we should be able to built the system so that it will serve us well. We must provide for those who elected us into office and that is why I decided to provide this so people can get quality health delivery at their door step without traveling long distances,” he added

The Gangwi Ganye expressed delight at the reception he and his team received in all the communities visited for the distribution.

During the distribution tour, Namdas and his team were happy to find out that a woman was succeffully delivered of twins at Kiri health centre, Toungo local government. Health officials at the clinic said the equipment came in handy and was helpful in ensuring the safe delivery.

“We Are Short of Words” – Health Officials

Mitchell Bulus, the nurse in charge of Mbella health facility, Mayo Belwa local government appreciate Namdas to thinking towards improving the health sector. She said they have been longing to have such equipment I’m their facility, and are happy that it has finally arrived.

” We are grateful to Namdas for his efforts in providing all these items to our community. These are things we really need for our service delivery and they came at the right time. The people of this community will now get the quality health services they deserve. It is only God that will reward Namdas,” she said.

For Zainab Garba, the equipment will attract more people to the health centre and will also spur the workers to put in their best in the delivery and discharge of their duties.

” This is the clinic that we have attending for long and we’ve never seen anything like this before. We are very happy that Namdas think of our community. These equipment will help this health facility and I’m sure the service here will improve,” she said.

Most of the health centres visited had no beds and other essential equipment, but the story has changed now with the distribution of the equipment by Hon. Namdas.