Following the reported case of a 44 year old Ezekiel who raped a disabled minor in Gombi local government area of Adamawa State, a group known as Debbie Kauna Foundation is insisting that the perpetrator be brought to justice and the victim be given proper medical and psychological care.

The group also made preliminary investigation and found out that Grace was was born a normal child got sick and became disabled at aged 12 because of lack of proper medical care.

“Grace lost the use of her hands and legs effectively, and eventually lost her sight, ” president and founder of the group, Deborah Birdling told News Line.

Birdling further narrates that “Grace’s mother told us that she returned home and found the rapists, Ezekiel pulling up his trousers and trying to hide behind the door. Confused and wondering what was happening, she immediately noticed her daughter half naked on the bed helplessly crying.

“While trying to help her sick daughter on the bed, Ezekiel, the rapist ran out, and she ran after him, shouting and the few youths coming from farm helped her and he was caught.”

Birdling stressed that “there are minors suffering with different impairments that are abused and maltreated daily, the disabled are not the only victims of rape.”

The group expressed worry over the increasing cases of rape in the state while calling on security agencies to continue with the tremendous efforts of ensuring all suspects are arrested and made to face the full wrath of the law.