The Defence Nigerian Headquarters has debunked claims that it dismissed some personnel on disciplinary grounds as claimed in a viral video posted online and live broadcast on a human rights radio.

In the video, some allegedly aggrieved ex-military personnel, who were paraded, complained against various disciplinary actions taken against them by their respective Services.

The Director Defence Information, Major General Benjamin Olufemi in a statement signed and made available to newsmen, said “In the video and live broadcast programme, some of the ex-soldiers, most of whom were dismissed from Service for various acts of indiscipline and misdemeanours, made efforts to rationalize or give excuses for the various infractions that led to their exit from service using most uncouth language.”

He maintained that while the military respects everyone’s right to free expression and justice, it is important to know that the military profession has its peculiarity that borders on discipline, truth and respect. It also have a standard and effective procedure of seeking redress by any aggrieved personnel, even if dismissed.

“Notably, there exist the Harmonized Terms and Condition of Service (HTACOS) Soldiers/Ratings/Airmen (Revised) 2017 which was reviewed and signed into law on 26 January 2018 to harmonize the management of the 3 Services. Similarly, the Armed Forces Act Cap A20 the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 has relevant Section dealing with Discipline and Administration of Justice,” the statement said.

It further stressed that “Section 147 – 202 of the Armed Forces Act which expressly deals with Post Trial Procedures as well as Appeals from Court Martial. What constitute status bar to appeals of cases are also well encapsulated in the Armed Forces Act. The extant laws are therefore available for persons appearing as Counsels to affected Service personnel to avail themselves.

“It is important to understand that, Nigeria operates a voluntary military service. Therefore, it is expected that whoever decides to serve in the noble profession would abide by its ethics and code of conduct. If any of its personnel thus run foul of the law, there are procedures of ensuring the administration of military justice and discipline. Therefore, seeing dismissed military personnel disparaging the establishment by raising issues of perceived injustice years after their cases must have been disposed leaves much to be desired.

“It is advisable that whenever issues of Service discipline arises the media should give the respective Services benefit of doubt to address the issues raised rather than jump into conclusion of injustice and grant them airtime to reel out falsehood to justify their dismissal from Service.

“It is important to note that the military is structured with effective laws that guide discipline and administration of justice to prevent it from being governed through whims and caprices of commanders.”

The Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) thus view the action of these online and Human Right radio and Television stations as an act designed to portray the AFN in a bad light, despite all efforts the institution is putting in place to secure the nation.

It added that “These actions are therefore unacceptable and condemnable especially when the AFN is countering act of Terrorism, insurgency and banditry. The AFN would therefore wish to advice such stations involve in acts aimed at portraying the AFN in bad light to desist henceforth.”