Despite efforts by the leadership of Bachama, Batta and Fulani ( Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association of Nigeria and Tabithal Pulaaku to address cases of Farmer and Herder clashes in Numan, Lamurde and Demsa areas, attacks and killings still persist unabated

Two Bwatiye Sons were separately attacked, leaving one dead and the other badly injured, just one day after peace meeting convened by the Hama Bachama, Homun Daniel Shaga Ismaila (OON) in his palace to mediate between Fulani and Bachama/Batta Communities.

One of the Victims Mr. Kennedy Bitrus who narrowly escaped death following his attack on Friday by herdsmen was on his way from Mayo Lope, ( in Lau local government area of Taraba State) to Bang when he was attacked by the Marauders with sophisticated weapons and is currently receiving medical attention at a health facility in Numan, Adamawa State.

A day later on Saturday 17th October 2020, the herdsmen again attacked the youth leader ( Kpalagbe) of Nega Community of Bolki Ward Mr. David Titus whom they shot dead on his way from Bang.

Recall that the Numan Federation if Adamawa State Northeast Nigeria has suffered series of Farmer-Herder crisis as well as activities of outright Criminals resulting in perennial conflicts, loss of lives and property, as well as strained relationships.

Inability to resolve this lingering misunderstanding in a fruitful and mutually beneficial manner through dialogue underscores the claims of the warring Communities as the basis for the series of attacks between the two parties whom had hitherto lived together peacefully

Worried by these incessant conflicts and absence of any meaningful development in the area, the Hama Bachama Dr. Daniel Shaga Ismaila (OON) and his Colleague the Hama Batta, Homun Alhamdu Gladstone Teneke are holding series of discussions with the leadership of Fulani and the Bachama/ Batta Communities to find lasting solutions to the problem and to complement the efforts of the Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

In the meeting, the Bachama Monarch Dr. Daniel Shaga Ismaila (OON) condemned the Fulani acts of attacking an entire settlement to set it ablaze in the grounds that one member of the Community had rustled their Cattle. This approach according to him is not a civilised one and is not acceptable

He also said it is wrong for any Bachama to take the law unto his hands either rustling cattle or by killing it

Dr. Shaga appealed to both parties to try and restrain their people and to look ahead to the gains that lie ahead as the patties work together to midwife a mutually beneficial peace process

In the meantime, the troubled Community members testify that the arms wielding herdsmen still go about grazing on People’s farms unhindered around the boundaries between Lau of Taraba State and those of Numan and Demsa in Adamawa State

Until the security agents intervene, People living in the affected areas will continue to live in fear of the unknown and the relative peace hitherto enjoyed in the area remains in limbo.