It is indeed a prelude to 2023 electioneering atmosphere. Candidates have started responding to the electorates’ call for effective and efficient representation. Alhaji Umar Mustapha Madawaki, the man of many traditional titles in the country, suggestive of detribilised patroitism, nursing the philosophy associated with nationalism, a philanthropic technocrat whose activities as a social responsibility in Adamawa state; his immediate constituency and beyond, earned him the 2017 – 2018 the Periscope Global Publishers outstanding philanthropic award, a gubernatorial contender whose position, explained in philosophic terms misunderstood, has opened up to newsmen to clear the seeming suffocating air, what he meant by pulling down the flyovers when elected Adamawa governor.

Madawaki, of recent, addressed as Otumba, a traditional title his philanthropic activities earned him in Ekiti state, in more of an expostulation, simply put that is there a river underneath? Is there a river passing through that it would be disastrous not having a flyover yet in Yola? The electorates ought to give every capital project a critical consideration on the impact it could have on their well-being.

“Check it out, was building flyovers in Yola part of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and/or the PDP’s 2019 campaign manifesto, if at all there was the manifesto or it was simply a manipulation aimed to bamboozling the state, having reduced her treasury to the debris of debts?

Madawaska would point out that the huge rather exaggerated amount of money wasted on building the two flyovers would have been more than enough to have a befitting water treatment plants that would provide portable water to every house in Yola and Jimeta from River Benue. The same in Fufore, Numan federation, Jada and Mubi among other local government areas to have brought to the end the challenges associated with water scarcity.

The question to ask is why should Adamawa lack tap water when River Benue passes through?

To have portable water even in the state capital , people who could afford it would have to sink boreholes in their houses. The financially disadvantaged homes are abandoned after election to depend on water vendors, threatened by the health challenges resulting from consuming contaminated, untreated water. This must be brought to an end, Madawaka would made it clear.

“Imagine healthcare in Adamawa state without federal medical center, Yola. No one needs to tell you how devastating, how dysfunctional are the state owned and seemingly mismanaged public hospitals in Adamawa with less than 50 medical doctors covering the entire hospitals across the 21 local government areas. Mind you, FMC Yola is a federal government hospital that has more than 200 doctors specialized in various fields.

“When last have you visited public schools, both the primary and the secondary schools? You should have seen how frustrating are the overstretched, unmotivated, mostly untrained teachers having more than 150 students in a classroom lacking furniture. The present fresh clueless government doesn’t give this a critical and strategic consideration. She goes for the personal financial benefit associated with building flyovers. Didn’t the governor say he was contemplating building another flyover? You know what that means? It’s simply my position,” Madawaki explained.

The philanthropic technocrat denied the insinuation that he was opposed to traditional institution, given as reason for challenging the vehicles governor Fintiri presented to the first class monarchs in Adamawa.

Opposing traditional institutions would invariably mean opposing his roots, he the technocrat who was a lecturer would say.

He explained that the governor has bought vehicles for himself and his appointed executives, he didn’t make it public using the press, why that of the traditional leaders whose offices ought to be dignified?

The presentation of the vehicles to the first class Emirates and Chiefs should not made politico-public using the press. It amounts to demeaning.

He claimed that the utility and surveillance vehicles were meant to subdue the monarchs to accept in silence, the “God knows governor’s intentions for curving more chiedoms and other traditional offices from the present ones, especially, where they are historically not necessary.

“The greatest wisdom, away from being clueless, associated with good good governance is to lead an enlightened community. Knowledge is power. School as an institution of knowledge must be respected and strengthened. The growing number of students simply implies having more public schools with adequate and qualified teachers. Else how do you have health personnel, relatively enough to man our hospitals and other areas?

“Health is wealth it is said. A healthy society should have functional healthcare system that provides effective and efficient services rather than mere leap service.

“Adamawa has no reason depending on water vendors called (Mai Moya) supplying mostly from unknown sources, or sinking personal boreholes at homes, with River Benue passing through the state.

“Youths and women need to be empowered with skills acquisition programmes with a view to become self-reliants, hence contributing to the economy of the state.

“This isn’t utopian dream. It’s a workable blueprint if given the mandate”.